1More Stylish BT Pro In-Ear Headphones... Reviewed!

It's been a while since I've reviewed headphones, so shout out to 1More for supplying a pair. These headphones may actually look familiar to some of you... because they resemble the Stylish Dual-Dynamic Driver BT In-Ear Headphones, reviewed previously. So let's see what sets the pro version apart... after this unboxing!

Design: 1More has certainly turned some heads with their line of Stylish headphones as they present the latest version, but... I'm going to do some digging to see what makes these headphones the "Pro" version.

Off the bat, these headphones have a magnet in the back end of the headphones that allow them to become an audio-inspired necklace on you... when they aren't in use. That's a win over the standard version because I didn't care for the loose dangle... that was a con that they eliminated in the pro version.

Visually the look has been maintained for the most part, although in the pro version there is a bump-out for the USB cover (which doesn't stay in that well... for me the way it does for an associate of mine).

Specs: Speaking of specs, In the pro-version, you also get a USB Type-C versus the mini USB... which is when my thumb went up. I don't like looking at the port to confirm if I have the USB turned the right way. I'll do it if I have to... but if I don't have to... you know which option I'm going for. The USB Type-C is almost a must moving forward for me, so this is a win for the pro version.

Spec-wise... the speaker impedance is the same at 32. You get a slightly heavier weight when it comes to the pro version... which could be the magnets but it only bumps it up about 5.6 g. 

When it comes to Bluetooth, the pro version features 5.0 compared to the 4.2 in the standard version. The connection has been instantaneous for me. Bluetooth range is slightly greater according to specs, but it seemed about the same for me although there wasn't an interruption when going the same distance I went with the standards. Both continued to the audio playback from my home to the curb, but it wasn't choppy in the pro version... which I actually tested inadvertently while hightailing it out of the house with a recycling bin ahead of the pick-up time.

By the way, the headphones remained in my ear during the mad dash outside.

Anyway, my second thumb went up for the pro version in terms of the playback time (big difference). The standard version delivers 6 hours of playtime, while the pro version delivers 12 hours of use according to the specs. As far as my experience goes, it checks out. 

I used the headphones during bedtime (to enjoy my usual ASMR), and through my workday (via music, movies, and commentary). I think the low volume extended the battery life overnight (it was at about 20 to 25% volume to prevent white noise), and outside of an hour of standby time... I was able to get over 12 hours in before I began to hear the low battery sound notification.

Speaking of the battery, you get 5 hours of use from the pro version after a 10-minute charge, compared to 3 hours in the standard headphones. 3 hours still isn't bad, but... I'll take the extra 2 (hours).

Audio: The on and off sounds on the pro are... interesting. Previous 1More Bluetooth headphones delivered the usual "Onnnneee More" sound when you turn them on, and "Power Off" (when you... turn them off). The pros give this epic little bass drum sound, which is... okay, but it's lacking what I considered a plus. One thing I like about previously reviewed Bluetooth headphones from 1More is that little battery level notification you get when you turn them on, you don't get that notification in this pair of headphones. I believe an update is possible, they can keep the previous low battery notification.

The audio was tested with this recording

Before you listen to this (if you're wearing headphones)... just keep in mind that you will hear a knock at some point in the test process. This is just a heads up because it jarred me. I thought someone was knocking on one of my office windows. Holy crap.

The 1More Stylish BT Pro In-Ear Headphones, feature aptX HD + AAC. Looking at Qualcomm's aptX HD technology, it delivers 24-bit audio over Bluetooth in high def. To give you an idea of what 24-bit means for these headphones... 16-bit can deliver a dynamic range of 96 dB, while 24-bit can deliver 144 dB. CD generally delivers 16 bit.

The Iron Man vs. F-22 Raptor dog fight scene delivered some very crisp audio through these headphones. I didn't get a lot of bass in this scene, but you could tell that it was there with the roar of the jet engines coming onto the scene. I got the whistle from the missiles, the wind, and those little pops from the gunfire... which were pretty clear. I wanted to experience more boom... so I went jumped into some drumline action, which I enjoyed the most based on recording quality (because bass felt a tad shy beforehand). The frequency for the pro version is 2.400HGz - 2.4835GHz.

The cVc 8.0 microphone with Environmental Noise Cancellation technology is said to help filter out background noise and isolate your voice during phone calls. All I can say about this is that I didn't have to repeat myself during the phonecalls I made while at a local park while playing soccer with my daughter.


In the initial posting of this review... I said that everything just about checks out on these headphones... except for the USB cover that... covers the port. Well... I have an update.

After doing some tests, an associate was able to confirm that the cover remained in place for him. 

Not only did he confirm this, but the company also checked as well... but I wanted to make sure that someone was able to check without being an employee of 1More.

Here are images of the headphones after use, and as seen here... the USB cover hasn't come out of the port.

Thanks, Cameron!

Price: Price wise... the pro version comes in at a competitive price of $49.99, which is $30 less than the initial release price of the standards. Now that I've been able to confirm the USB port cover issue isn't a widespread problem... I feel comfortable giving the headphones a thumbs up for design.

One thing you didn't see in this unboxing... was a storage bag, which was included in the standard version (not sure why, but there needs to be something for the additional silicon ear tips to be stored). My guess is that this decision was made to keep costs down, and on that note... I can find something to store the ear tips and headphones.

Overall, good headphones... at a good price that allows you to double up for about $100 for Christmas or grab two for you and someone to work out in style.

Design 4

Specs 5

Audio 5

Price 5

4.75 out of 5 Cool Points