Nintendo... Nintendo: Super Mario 3D All Stars

Nintendo... Nintendo, this isn't winning me over. I'm not speaking against the gameplay, but Nintendo could've knocked this collection out of the park by giving Super Mario 64 an update. That's the least they could've done for Super Mario 3D All Stars. There have been fan projects shut down by Nintendo for making visual enhancements, and they gained some serious attention (including the unfortunate attention from Nintendo that didn't involve working with the team who made it). Why not capitalize on the attention that was able to gain... by answering with breathtaking visual?

This was my reaction to the commercial.

At worst it could've resembled Super Mario Sunshine. It would've been best if all 3 games were on the same visual level as Super Mario Galaxy, that would've been more of a head-turner. Maintaining the same clunky outdated graphics won't make the games bad, but it does maintain that "Been there done that" outdated look.

Look at this. I'm not biting my tongue because its... Nintendo.

Look at the Resident Evil remake on Gamecube. That was a must buy (that I still own), and if you didn't own a Gamecube at the time... you were probably drooling over the game. Nintendo needs to understand that it's okay to update games when the looks start to fade. There are 3 games in this collection, so at least it's not Super Mario 64 alone, but Nintendo could've done better.


super Mario 3d all stars