Hackers Strike Again: When Will The Game Industry... Strike Back?

The Game Industry is still taking losses due to the relentless attacks from hackers.

In order to mitigate these damages, it might be beneficial for studios to explore alternative approaches when utilizing the internet, especially if internet access is available on all systems. That's a door just waiting for hackers to access time and time again.

One potential solution could be to implement an intranet system or improve it, which would allow them to test unfamiliar software on specific bait systems (although tried and true software should be the route to go if anything). At least by confining potential attacks to bait systems, they can assess and proceed with caution on designated systems that require internet access for downloading and sending necessary information. This is in theory, but it is crucial for the industry to start going... hard in the paint with... preventive measures to ward off attacks. It wouldn't hurt to develop effective traps to catch hackers or even incentivize whistle-blowers. Money talks. 

One creative trap I really admired was one created by Devolver Digital for... Serious Sam 3. If you don't remember, let's just say pirates couldn't enjoy illegal copies of the game because a trap was set. Sure you could play it, but you couldn't enjoy it because a relentless unbeatable enemy was after you non-stop. I've mentioned this before, but it comes to mind when this topic pops up. I think some pretty cool ideas could emerge to give hackers a run for their money.

Both Insomniac and Rockstar Games have recently fallen victim to these attacks, and we are hopeful that the implementation of solid technologies and strategies will effectively eliminate any unauthorized access that ultimately affects upcoming projects and developers. Fingers crossed.

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