FTS: 'News Tower' Enters Steam Early Access on Feb 13, 2024

Extra, Extra! News Tower Enters Steam Early Access on Feb. 13, 2024

Experience the excitement and intrigue of running a 1930s media empire in this charming tycoon management game!

PARIS  Dec. 13, 2023 – Twin Sails Interactive and developer Sparrow Night announced today that News Tower, the newspaper tycoon management sim, will launch into Steam Early Access on Feb. 13, 2024. Become a press mogul in 1930s New York in pursuit of the truth and profits! Expand your business, recruit new employees, and search for the decade’s most newsworthy stories for the front page.

As the publisher of a down-on-its-luck newspaper, your goal is to turn fortune around and build a media empire! Recruit and manage every profession necessary for success, including reporters, photographers, janitors, ad salespeople and lawyers. Uncover exciting news across the globe, matching your editorial line with readers’ interests, but watch out for powerful factions like the mayor and the mafia trying to peddle influence. Build and optimize your tower to ensure the well-being of your employees and meet your printing deadlines while balancing editorial quality and gaining new customers!

Key Features

  • Investigate Scoops Around the Globe: From cat disappearances to historic events like Prohibition and the Great Depression, you’ve got to break the news while it’s hot! Follow leads across the world and choose which angles to pursue to develop each story. Will you maintain the integrity of freedom of the press, or trade influence with different factions in the city?
  • Compose Your Newspaper: Each week you’ll oversee everything from the telegraph desk to the typesetting, laying out your paper with the articles you’ve produced. Hard-hitting journalism, sensational gossip, income-generating ads – you decide what makes the cut!
  • Build & Optimize Your Tower: Manage the layout of your operations, improve your production processes, and hire the right people for each job. But don’t neglect the well-being of your employees while you’re chasing profits, or the final product may suffer!
  • Grow Your News Empire: Start small and conquer New York by expanding your distribution to famous neighborhoods like Wall Street, Central Park and more, unlocking new upgrades and readers with their own interests.


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