Brinks Commercial Keypad Entry Lever... Reviewed!

I thought this was going to come in January, but it arrived before Christmas. So... here's my review.

This keyless keypad doesn't require a key, but... is it worth the money? Let's jump in!

Quality: The Keypad Entry Lever's quality can be felt as soon as you hold the parts in your hand. The parts are a nice polished metal with solid zinc diecast levers and weighs in at 4.52lbs. The parts don't wiggle, there's nothing loose or feels cheap, it's a commercial product, and... represents that classification well.

Security: Security-wise, this lever has an ANSI Grade 2... meaning the lock can withhold a certain level of force in terms of someone attempting to strike it and gain entry. This product requires at least 5 strikes from 75ft.-lbf to gain entry.

The foot-pound force is a unit of energy while lbf is a pound of force. Think of a ram striking the lever from a distance of one foot.

Outside of the security that prevents unwanted entry through the build quality, and traditional lock, but you also have the keypad that doesn't just keep the door unlocked after one of (up to) 99 codes has been entered. Give it a few seconds and it locks back unless you unlock it on the inside for reentry without a pincode or a key. 

To increase the security, you can even set it to vacation mode and disable all codes for those times when you're away. So no one can fidget with the lock while you're enjoying yourself in the States or abroad. I'd even set it to vacation mode after hours because that increases the security, but these are also used for spaces utilized around the clock (laundry rooms, gyms, PC rooms in hotels, etc).

Installation: Installation is a bit of a challenge, but if you follow the manual... you can do it.

Price: Pricewise... you can get the Brinks Commercial Keypad Entry Lever for $129. Is it worth it? Yes, this can be used for several needs for you and your team, tenants, employees, family members, AirBnB customers, and all that good stuff. You don't have to jump up out of your bed and go let someone into a room, unit, or home... all they need is a 6-digit code and they're in. These codes can be changed as well, just in case you want to deny access after a certain time. So it's worth it, it provides access without your constant need to be there but it also protects the people and property behind the door. Did I forget to mention that it comes with a 10-year limited warranty? Yeah... that part too.

Quality 5

Security 5

Installation 5

Price 5

5 out of 5 Cool Points