2023 Wishmas Guide... for the Office Space!


Last but not least... you know we had to dish up a wishmas guide for the office space and the awesome people in it. Yeah... sometimes there are some not so cheery people tucked in there, but maybe their secret Santa can deliver something to turn that frown upside down. Please don't get this confused with buying your co-workers teeth whitener or toothbrushes, it would alllll go down hill from there.

Now that I've gotten that out of the way, here's 2023's Wishmas Guide... for the Office Space!

Barista Coffee & Espresso Machine - If you need your coffee or espresso... and the coffee machine at work is down for the count, tag in one like the L'OR Barista Machine that can serve up both options. You can score this particular machine for 42% off right now. Works with various pod brands.

Desktop Zen Garden - Knock it out of the park as secret Santa this year. A Zen garden is a desktop escape that can help ease the mind during those 15 minute breaks or even zoning out during lunch breaks or between calls. Some positions are more stressful than they have to be, and this should be a welcomed gift. This example is the Sakura Budah option, but they vary by shape and design. This option is currently 24% off!

Bluetooth Speaker - While this could be a flashy option, here's a more subtle design for those seeking a clean subtle option the maintains a professional look. This is more ideal for those of you in an enclosed office space... because the built in mic allows for hands free calls in addition to other forms of audio you may listen to in the space (i.e. Lo-Fi). The Oontz Angle 3 has dual stereo drivers and delivers over 14 hours of play time. It's also built so that the bass is richer due to the downward facing passive bass radiator. Dual mode is also available if you have 2 speakers. This speaker is also IPX5 water resistent. There are also other fun options like the Coca-Cola Edition... so take your pick. This speaker is currently 30% off!

Desktop Organizers vary, and for good reason. We don't have the same needs or styles, and i'm glad we don't because there are some awesome organizers out there... like the Lovendo Pegboard 360 organizer. This option let's you utilize both sides and utilizes limited space. You can also connect others and connect it to the end of the desk if you need more of a divider between your desk and someone elses. This organizer is currently 25% off!

Micro Pinball Machine - This isn't exactly the typical gift recommended for a secret Santa exchange, but... the owner of the company could grab one or two of these to incorporate some fun into the workplace. It doesn't require a separate monitor, its all built in and comes with 40 built-in pinball games, Space Invaders, Bubble Bobble, Time Machine + It connects to Wifi, has bluetooth connectivity + HDMI. Why the connectivity? Well... it delivers global leaderboards, multiplayer, a game lobby, voice chat, and downloadable content (basically more games)! This is currently 20% off!

Desk plant - While you could simply buy someone a desk plant, this type of gift challenges your co-worker to grow a bonsai tree. This is a great gift for a co-worker who is super particular or likes to correct. They can focus on keeping the bonsai alive and well.

MuteMe PC Button - You may not believe you need such a device, but... a number of people have found themselves on a hot mic. Trust me, I've heard someone losing it in a meeting, and... it could have been avoided with such a device. Yes this is the one seen on Shark Tank. Works with Zoom, Teams, WebEx, Etc.

Desktop Robot - You might want to consider getting an Eilik robot or two for yourself based on their little personalities. It's also a useful robot that will countdown and all that good stuff. You can actually connect more than two, but it's all up to you how much you'd like to spend. Two Eilik's are entertaining enough... and you will see them having good times, feuding, playing, having a drink together, etc. This is one of the more inexpensive bots that i'd recommend for adults. If another company can recreate such a cool bot, why won't Disney knock it out of the park with StarWars bots? R2D2 could be a smart bot rolling around our desktop or something.