2023 Wishmas Guide... for the Guys!

This year's list was a challenge, but... we were able to narrow it down to items that will get a thumbs up from the guys in your life this holiday season. We still don't have a solution to keep his mustache out of his eggnog when drinking directly from the mug, but... biodegradable jumbo straws will work for now:

Portable Tea Pot w/ Temp Control - These portable options remove the need for a coffee maker, stove, or microwave. The product you see here is... Jettle, which boils water for things such as coffee, tea, and even ramen noodles.

PC RAM - If the guys in your life are constantly in front of the PC, this is the type of gift that keeps on giving. They may want to select the type of RAM themselves, so a gift card to invest in more RAM may be the best route. To determine the maximum RAM the gift recipient's computer can take, follow these steps:

  • In the search bar on the lower left hand of the screen, type "RUN" and select Command Prompt.
  • Type this command: wmic memphysical get MaxCapacity, MemoryDevices
  • Press 'Enter'
  • MaxCapacity is the 8 to 9 digits seen below "MaxCapacity", and "MemoryDevices" will represent the number of RAM sticks you can use, this is generally 2 to 4 slots.
  • Let's do a little math: Max Capacity (i.e. 134217728) divided by 1048576 = ___GB Max RAM

Now divide the max RAM by the number of slots the PC has (i.e. 2 or 4). Mine is 128GB, and if I had 4 slots that would = 32GB per RAM stick. In reality, I have 2 slots so that's 64GB per RAM. You don't have to max it out, but an upgrade doesn't hurt... especially if they utilize their PC daily for gaming and other demanding software.

To check the current amount of RAM, click in the lower left-hand search box and type "about" and select "About your PC". Here you will see the installed RAM. You can also go to Task Manager by right-clicking within the taskbar on your PC, selecting that option when the pop-up appears. From there click on 'Performance' and go down to 'Memory'. In the upper right corner, it will show you the current RAM installed as well (and it shows the number of slots used + the Form factor). The stats you see below are pitiful but useful... so an upgrade will take this system to a whole notha level! Yes... I said notha. (Queue the fireworks... bam... Boom... BLAM!)

I say allllll this to say, if he doesn't know, share this article with him and have him figure it out. That way he can use the gift card to buy it himself or present options for you to buy. It may not seem as creative, but he will appreciate the fact that you didn't just grab some RAM that he has to return... unless you're able to get the info needed. If he's maxed out on RAM, he scored a gift card. WIN!

Before I move on, do not, do not, do not... buy the Tech Unlimited plan for RAM. Sure it covers it for longer than 3 to 4 years, but it's $16.99/month... which is throwing money in the trash in my opinion, and setting it on fire after covering it with compost. $16.99/month is over $200+ for a year. You can simply buy more RAM on that note. The 4-year plan for a 1-time payment of $17.99 makes much more sense if you choose to get protection (it's through Asurion). If they can't repair it, the replace it or you're made whole with another Amazon gift card. So win without breaking the bank!

Smartwatch - This is on the list, because... it never hurts to take your health seriously, and a number of men aren't as active in terms of this because the focus is usually on getting something else done. I'm one of these guys in part. I'd recommend either the Fitbit Sense 2 or the Charge 6 (the Charge 6 gives all features minus Alexa and Bluetooth + LTE for calls). The Sense 2 has the more traditional watch shape, so keep that in mind regarding which he'd prefer to wear more often.

Both options have: 

Solid battery life | Built-in GPS | ECG app for AFib assessment | Blood oxygen + skin temp + heart rate variability (Charge 6 features heart rate on equipment) | Sleep tracking | Sensor for stress management

If you get a FitBit... throw in the Smart Scale based on the needs of that special someone you're shopping for. It syncs the stats to the Fitbit dashboard and can be used by multiple users to track stats.

Multi-tool or pocket knife - This is a cheesy stocking stuffer to some, but some men love a good pocket knife... and they truly come in handy. I'll you a perfect example. This Toldadi Pocket Knife may not look like much by the image you see below, but outside of being sharp and being able to cut things (duh of the day)... it is also a bottle opener + a freaking fire starter + screwdriver + whistle + window breaker + that part you see near the backside of the handle can seatbelts. Not sure why it's not advertised, but you get the idea. This comes in hand in more ways than one... making it a solid gift. Save 20% on this particular knife... for now.

Grooming kit or beard care set - Just because a guy doesn't express the need for a grooming kit, doesn't mean he'd turn one away.

Drone or remote-control car - This is for the guys who love drones or RCs. There are guys who play around with drones and even race them, while on the flipside there are guys who use camera drones for film projects and things of that nature. If that the type of guy you're shopping for, and you have the coin for it... make him cry with an option like the... DJI FPV Explorer Combo.

Records 4K/60fps video at up to 120 Mbps.

Remote-controlled cars, on the other hand, are great for the hobbyists out there who like to tinker and race. This is a great gift that also creates a new pastime if they're purchased for various guys in your life. It would sound funny at first to hear that the guys are outside playing until friends witness the fun, and then they'd magically pop up with an RC. Again, another gift that keeps on giving.

Video Games - This wouldn't be a Wishmas guide without video games! What?! If the games they want aren't exactly out yet, get them a gift card or pre-order it for console or PC! We aren't sending you in any direction, because preferences vary... but you can gather intel by talking games!

If his TV game is weak... you already know what to consider this time around. Options vary, and a smart tv gives the most options so that there's no need to buy an additional streaming device. Fire TV delivers nearly all streaming apps + the Luna gaming app that gives him the ability to stream games free with an Amazon Prime membership. More games are playable with an upgraded plan, no downloading needed, just make sure your internet is strong. I've been able to play comfortably without a hardwired connection. If you can only afford a TV in the $200 range, don't trip. The option you see below is a 55" TV for $269 with Dolby Vision HDR, Dolby Atmos, Alexa, Apple Airplay compatible! This TV normally goes for $347.76, so bust a move if it's an ideal gift for the guy in your life!

George Foreman Indoor/Outdoor Electric Grill - If he loves to grill, he will love this, and you might catch him looking at you during gatherings like Shawn's doing below. This grill doesn't require a tabletop or a countertop, it has its own stand making it perfect to plug in and toss some deliciousness on! I can taste the marinated steak and grilled veggies now. I had some grilled chicken at a party recently... OMG... let's just say I'm ready for some more right now.

Outside of a good pair of headphones (if they don't have some already), I think this Wishmas list has more than a few things to deliver some excitement this holiday season... for the Guys!

Sophima | Guest Contributor
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