Valve Steam Deck is available now without the wait!

Valve's Steam Deck is now available without the waiting list. There is no guarantee that there won't be back orders, but this is promising.

I don't believe it's just that. I think Valve made this decision... because if gamers or their parents had to reserve a system, the Steam Deck would be a no-go option for the 2022 holiday season. - Blu

This is possible, but for Valve's sake, they should be prepared for the potential sales that pour in during the busy holidays. Before they took away the waiting list, Valve did ramp up Steam Deck production. This could mean that they are confident in their production performance to the level of what they'd need for the 2022 holidays.

If they can handle the season, we believe the Steam Deck is a great option to consider as a gift because it's a portable gaming PC, it's a handheld system, and it's also a console that you're able to connect to your TV. If this was the only reason to buy a Steam Deck, we wouldn't recommend it. Steam has a huge platform with games of various genres.

Whether you're looking for the latest AAA title or an indie gem, the Steam Deck has it at different budgets and you can use your collection of games.

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