Ingbelle Digital Drum... Reviewed!

Shout out to the Ingbelle team for sending over this product for review. My opinions are my own.

So I've spent about a week with the Ingbelle Digital Drum set, and I'd have to say that it's a solid + useful + fun product. What makes it solid + useful + fun? Glad you asked, let's jump in!

Quality: The durable rubber base is solid enough to take on more than a few jam sessions, but... with a high sensitivity level for the sound plates they don't require you to lay in on them. Once you find a designated spot for this digital drum, the chances of even affecting the brain of the product drop's down to over 90%... because it's not falling or slipping off a base unless the table flips over or something. Even then the system is sturdy enough to take a light drop (a 2 or 3-story drop might be a different story but why would... anyway).

In terms of the buttons, they give you a nice clicking sound so that you know the button press was made, and as far as the OFF/ON switch + the MP3, Phones, Pedal, and USB/DC5V ports go... there are no loose ports. I mention all this because it's a solid design that doesn't give off a cheap flimsy feel.

Then we come to the foot pedal add-on which are super light and feel like a cheap addition to give the complete drum kit feel. Don't get me wrong, they work, but... with them being light... on our wood floors, they slide also. Perhaps a tougher grip would work (may buy some and place below them), or... just use them on a carpet or a rubber mat. On that note, I believe that foot pedals of better quality can be connected to this device as long as they can connect to the port.

Sound: In terms of sound, the built-in speakers get the job done. I know the company says the speakers are high-quality, and they don't sound bad... but... without the specs of the speakers... I can't give you the specifics.

As far as the sounds go, the onboard sounds are clean. These sounds include snare, 3 toms, crash, ride, hi-hat, and a bass drum. If you press the Kit button, the instruments also switch up. One thing I noticed while using headphones is that the sound is even richer, I can't say that for all headphones, but the ones I used... made me appreciate this product even more.

In the box + Features: In the box, you get the Digital Drum (duh of the day), storage bag, drumsticks, line-in cable, foot pedals, and USB/DC5V cable.

Features include dual speakers, a metronome function to help you find your rhythm, portability so you or your little musician can rock out on the go, and includes a rechargeable 2400 mAh battery so you can play up to 10 hours per charge.

Going back to the line-in cable, if you want to record your drum session, connect your digital drum to the line-in port. If you aren't familiar with what it looks like, here's info from HearthStats:

Port for connecting a line

External audio equipment like CD players, musical instruments, and microphones are connected to the Line-in port. Any of the following symbols may be used to represent a line-in port:

Line in symbol

If you need to enable line-in, just follow these instructions.

A plus would've been some sort of software that allows the user to customize the sounds or place custom ones in the product.

As a digital drumset, you won't get the various sounds from the same bass drum based on where you hit it (i.e. hitting the drum closer to the sign gives a different sound than towards the middle), as long as you understand that... you should be good with the product. 

Before I forget, this type of drumset is a plus for parents who want to get their children a drumset... but don't want to hear it. Just get some volume-limiting headphones and let them rock out.

Price: Pricewise, the Ingbelle Digital Drum comes in at $54.99, which... is actually a solid price. It's portable (you don't need anything connected to it), it's fun, can allow for a variety of uses (parties, group activities, etc) and it's actually useful for recordings. I like the price because when comparing it to some of the toys out there in a similar price range, they don't have a feature that also makes them useful in terms of recording sessions and things of that nature. Motivating your little musician to form a band wouldn't be a bad idea if this product.

Quality 5

Sound 5

In the box + Features 5

Price 5

5 out of 5 Cool Points

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