Microsoft tried to do what?!

Microsoft is already shaking things up in the area of acquisitions, but damn, did Microsoft really try to get Xbox Game Pass on Playstation?! Based on the tweet from Tom Warren, it appears so. Haha Aww man, you have to have a real set on you to even attempt to put your game platform on another company's platform.

Tom didn't just stop there. He's basically saying is Sony focused on maximizing its profits by minimizing the newly released game options on, Playstation Plus. The gloves are coming off, but it might be a good thing for Playstation fans. Let's say this is true, Sony might increase the options you have to play just to avoid slack from fans.

"I think he's calling this out for Xbox's benefit, not Playstation fans. As long as the fans win... it's fine, but I think Tom mentioned this to point out what Sony might be doing to turn fans off and potentially turn (at least some of) them in the direction of Xbox. PC fans are the biggest winners if you think about it." - Blu

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