We Baby Bears: The Magical Box... Reviewed!

Grizz + Panda + Ice Bear are back... in We Baby Bears: The Magical Box. Shout out to the team over at Warner Bros for getting a copy of this show over to us. My opinions are my own.

It was cool of the We Bare Bears team to give the franchise almost a reset by taking the bears back to their... diaper days. It gives viewers more insight into what molded the cuddly trio into the bears we know today.

Story: We Baby Bears: The Magical Box... is a story about the baby versions of We Bare Bears, and the adventures they take in a magic box... while in search for a new home. It delivers a variety of adventures with a good chunk of comedy tucked in (and of course music).

The first episode shows how they got into this situation to encounter the magical box... after they were tossed out of their home. This is what set them out on their adventure to find a new home. I won't say how they came in contact with the magical box, but the adventures are certainly out of this world. Episode one "The Magical Box" covered their first potential home where they were put in a situation with... fairies. All was going well until they were blamed for bringing... economic collapse to the fairies (yeah... WTF!? in a good way). 

If you think "Kids show" when you see this cartoon, you're kinda sorta mistaken. Kids can totally watch this with you, aside from a couple of episodes I'd throw up a red flag on. Those specific episodes are "Meat House" & "Baba Yaga House" because a character appears in these episodes who wears a coat that he opens on occasion revealing his undies... and it screams... flasher without saying it. If that's enough to keep the show to yourself... I understand, but you're welcome to check it out before they view it and then select episodes from there. 

As far as the comedic value, you will likely get the majority of the humor before your children will anyway. For example, (going back to) the initial episode, one thing led to another... resulting in the baby bear's backs being up against the wall, and the only thing that set them free was... K-Pop that sent the fairies running for the hills to get away from it.

You will get a different adventure in each episode... with the exact same mission of finding a home, and the show doesn't lose steam. Even though I liked all the episodes, for the most part, my faves were:

Fiesta Day (nachos were eaten soon after this episode)

Bug City Sleuths

Bears in the Dark... was pretty cool, and actually featured rapper Young M.A. in a really creative way. It made a play off of her hit song titled "Ooouuu", and I think kids would be able to appreciate this episode based on little things shown in the episode that revealed the dark not being as scary as they may think. It actually makes things in the dark seem silly when revealed.

The Magical Box


Pirate Parrot Polly

Baby Bear Genius

Hashtag #1 Fan... is totally one of those episodes that helps the baby bears grow, based on something that occurred (and put the fun-loving trio on someone's radar).

I won't run through every episode, but... you get a complete experience in this package that shows the backstory of why We Bare Bears are as close as they are today via this cool well rounded show.

Visuals: When it comes to visuals, the show is very vibrant, and I love the art style. The intro is action-packed and would certainly send kids scrambling to join you for the show. Although We Baby Bears are a representation of the older We Bare Bears, the look is slightly different (more cutesy... but the personalities are still there). We Baby Bears more so has an anime art style.

As you see, the bears look

Audio: In terms of the audio, the sound is clean with plenty of sound effects and music to avoid a flat audio experience, We Baby Bears features Dolby Digital as well. (I did not utilize surround sound during my review.)

Price: Price-wise, We Baby Bears: The Magical Box... comes in at $19.98 SRP. Of course, you can use our link to grab it for less, but even at $19.99, you're getting 229 minutes of quality content that's worth the money. In total, you get 20 episodes to enjoy, and if you're a fan of animation... this is a worthwhile addition to your collection just based on the variety and how episodes play out. It can also help those on the path to animation with an idea of how an episode can flow, and how to maintain the overall story even though episodes are Champloo-like.

An actual collector's edition that had the DVD inside a box that was more like a statue with the We Baby Bears in it... would've been freaking awesome.

Story 5

Visuals 5

Audio 5

Price 5

5 out of 5 Cool Points

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