Ukraine wants Russian gamers blocked?

My opinion about this topic is my own, and overall we hope that this ends soon with no more casualties.

    It's no mystery that there is conflict going on right now between Russia and Ukraine. It's also no mystery that Russia kicked this whole thing off between the two, but if their gamers get punished to encourage citizens to force a cease to the invasion, why can't that be done with racism in the Ukraine to increase the desire to help their citizens?

    The game industry has made moves in being more sensitive towards people of different races, backgrounds, and varying preferences as far as who they're attracted to. There are still things that can be done about that crazy low number of Black developers in the industry, but we will continue to promote the increase via new dev teams being formed.

I don't want to get off topic here, so I'll jump back on track by saying the racism continues, and so do other isms. Ukraine is no stranger to racism, and there are Black immigrants being mistreated as we've seen on video... even with Russia on the march. 

If the racism is so bad that segregated soccer games were considered, and discrimination is in effect as far as who gets safe passage to evacuation... there is a major problem there that needs to be addressed ASAP. Can changes be implemented just as quick as they want game publishers, and other companies to act in terms of Russia?

    We're located in the U.S. and we're no stranger to racism either, but gamers aren't being given the middle finger here, the Ukraine, and other countries with hate and war plastered through the timeline of their existence. I don't think Russian gamers should be blocked. If they are blocked, Russia would be to blame for kicking this off but... something else comes to mind in terms of strategy for me.

    I understand a strategy to starve out Russian forces (based on restrictions from Visa, Mastercard, etc), but in my opinion, gamers on the couch or at the desk... are less hands with real firearms marching towards Ukraine or anywhere else. I'm not talking about hackers, you already know how we feel about hackers, but a hacker will be able to get past blocks... while the every day gamer will be screwed who may be anti-War and anti-Racist.

We don't normally post these sorts of topics or share the links but... if you want to see the letter the Ukraine Deputy Prime Minister, Mykhailo Fedorov posted that motivated mine, click here!

Love + Peace + Gaming