Supergirl: The Sixth And Final Season... Reviewed!

Shout out to Warner Bros for providing a copy of this product for our review. My opinions are my own.

The sixth and final season of Supergirl is here, and I'm curious if things have gotten better than the second season when I stopped watching. I got really annoyed with the show initially based on the way they set up things between Supergirl and her love interest, James Olsen and then dropped it. If they were going to have a relationship, let it be, if not... they could've left it alone.

It wasn't just the way things fizzled out between them, I just didn't like how things were playing out with James in general. Even if his alter ego grabbed my attention for a second... I was already on my way out of the door. I say that to say, I don't know what happened from season three to five, but... let's see how season sixth plays out... shall we?

Story: So the season kicks off action-packed as we get filled in on where things left off in Season Five. Super Friends takes on Leviathan in the season opener, and makes quick work of her... but the party doesn't stop there as Kara takes on the immortal Lex Luthor and ushers phantoms into the season. For the record, this version of Lex Luthor is a trip (in a funny way).

The remaining members of the team are Supergirl (duh of the day), Martian Manhunter, Brainiac-5, Dreamer, and Sentinel.

This season Kara will spend a good amount of her initial screen time in the Phantom Zone (after her initial... situation). This will give other members of the team time to shine more as they get into... Phantom busting, taking on Dracula, time-traveling, and a sort of Ground Hogs Day (if you're familiar with that old movie). I think my favorite episodes this season were when they went back to the past, they were enjoyable and I actually found myself watching episodes 5: Prom Night + 6: Prom Again... a few times (which showcased Brainiac-5, Dreamer, and the 2009 versions of Kara & Alex).

Outside of the standard superhero action, they also touched on a serious subject regarding incarceration and the people in the system abusing their power to take care of the less fortunate (which includes child abuse taking place in a children's home). These episodes aren't just focused on these issues, but you get a change of pace with some depth to mix things up while also bringing awareness to things that actually happen (i.e. gentrification).

I don't want to give it all away, but you also get a new hero and villain that emerge in the first half of the season and they're sure to keep you locked in as well as the interesting side stories with Dreamer, and even Lena Luthor.

The writers didn't let the previous episodic characters go to waste either, they had more screen time in the second half along with the arrival of a familiar face, but they kept it wrapped up in a superhero bow... as the trying situation put the newest hero to the test. You can see in the episode that it's her moment as she finds her calling, and some real things are said (i.e. something that Martian Manhunter said while out on the balcony with Alex). I noticed that DC hasn't been bashful about delivering a message, but they were able to write it up well and open the door for the new heroine to potentially have her own spinoff. There was also something symbolic about how the baddie was taken down as well.

There is enough action and story to enjoy this season, but... the feisty fifth-dimensional Imp, Nyxly, is still on the move in the second half of the season and she's no joke. They found a creative way to make sense of the remaining episodes by way of the Super Friends & Nyxly going after these... totems. Each totem brings on a different threat, and... it mixes things up.

While dealing with the fifth dimensional threat, flowers are blossoming in the process. These flowers are Kelly Olsen, Lena Luthor, and Nia Nal. They aren't in full bloom at this time, so you will see those growing pains play out in different ways, but it adds to the interest and wanting to see them grow.

It's interesting how they bounce between these varous scenarios and then you see them having... game nights and stuff. Not saying they can't have downtime, it's just... funny to see (and they also have time for work, and other things that I won't spoil for ya).

Is Nyxly all bad news?

Does the season wrap up in a way that does the show justice overall? Hmmm... does a huge brawl between the Super Friends vs Lex  + Nyxly + 5th dimensional beasts & Gladiators sound awesome to you? I'll leave it at that, outside of one phone call at the end where I was like... EXACT (someone finally said it).

One thing I wasn't crazy about in regards to the final season is that only Alex & Kelly seemed to be written in terms of being able to have a relationship. Like jeez, there were plenty of Super Friends and no one else could get any love in their life from an intergalactic bae or something?

Visuals: Visual are quality as you'd expect, mostly day scenes to enjoy mid shots, closeups, over the shoulder, birds eye, and worms eye view shots at 1080P HD. Looking at the 3D animations made me immediately think of the... Injustice game franchise. There is this vision that Dreamer has where Lex Luthor appears, when you see if you'll know exactly what I'm talking about.

Audio + Extras: Audio was cool, I got lost in the action and didn't really focus on it like that, but there were times I noticed it enough to give a headnod in amusement. DTS TruSurround is what I listened to the sixth and final season of Supergirl with and I can't say I was disappointed, there just were moments that really stuff out to me as far as audio goes... although the surround sound might reveal some awesomeness.

Anyway, the extras this season include... Deleted Scenes + A Farewell Tribute to Supergirl. Look up in the sky... it's a bird, it's a plane, it's 20 one hour episodes that were serviced up this final season to round out this season. I just had to put that in there.

Price: As far as the price is concerned, you can get Supergirl: The Sixth And Final Season on DVD for $24.99 and Blu-Ray for $29.99SRP. Ofcourse we have the hook up for you, just click either link, but even at the prices here... I don't think you'd be disappointed with the amount of content that you get in this final season and how the writers laid it out for the most part.

Story 5

Visuals 5

Audio 4 (to be fair I went back and watched episodes again to see how the 5.1DTS-HD surround was on surround sound)

Price 5

4.75 out of 5 Cool Points

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