Director of Black Panther handcuffed at gunpoint for withdrawing money from his account?

If the title sounds ridiculous, that's because the situation is just that ridiculous to begin with. So what do you have when you take Ryan Coogler, the director behind the awesomeness that is Disney's Black Panther film, and you place him in a Bank Of America trying to withdraw money with his own ID and ATM card?

An assumption that could've resulted in this guy getting harmed or killed for absolutely no reason at all, and no, it wasn't because the cashier was frustrated that Black Panther 2 hasn't come out yet (RIP Chadwick Boseman).

The teller didn't bother taking a step back to assess the situation either. He gave her the note and said that he was withdrawing a certain amount that he would prefer to be counted in the back so that no one sees the amount of money being counted and handed over to him. He provided his ID, and he used his ATM card to make the withdrawal valid, to begin with.

The bank teller acknowledged it, and then next thing you know... here come the cops with guns drawn because of an assumption. Like seriously, there are a variety of scenarios that take place at banks all the time where people have to hand the teller's notes, I know this because my friend of over 10 years was deaf (RIP to him).

The cops were called because she felt that it was suspicious, but it sounds like she was fueled either by fear or the assumption that he couldn't possibly have the means to withdraw that type of money. Either way the excuse isn't good enough. Her assumption is not his fault and I'm glad it didn't take a turn for the worst. She needs a different job if she can't comprehend a request on what to do with a withdrawal after the ID verification was met and the proper card was used (with no threats made).

A Baby Nurse was also detained over this crap.

I know a number of vendors who go into banks and will have a breakdown of the types of bills and coins they need on a list for their shops also, especially if an employee is doing the run. Overall, if no one is doing or saying anything that requires the cops to be called... leave it be. If he lays in on the bank after this incident... it is what it is (shrugs). Think before you dial.

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