Dear Developer: DMCA Strikes Against Destiny Developer Too?! + Mask Up Mondays: Muse Dash - Goodbye Boss

You may be scratching your head wondering how a "Dear Developer" installment can be made out of this, but... hear me out because it's aimed at Google. If Bungie wanted DMCA strikes on Destiny-related Youtube videos to occur at their request, that's one thing, but how much sense would it make for the DMCA strikes to be made against Bungie?

For the record, Bungie approves of non-commercial fan-created media and art to an extent, so if you're getting strikes and you're ticked off at Bungie... just know they're in the same boat.

It might sound bad to say this but (read this fully)... I think it's a good thing. If the actual developer is in the same boat as the content creator, something will happen a lot faster in terms of a solution because YouTube can't ignore it compared to a few YouTubers running into this issue (or even a larger number of YouTubers that create Destiny content). I hope this issue is resolved as soon as possible, but it may provide content creators an avenue to argue against DMCA strikes a lot easier since this situation happened.

Google, you have to get it together in terms of DMCA strikes, but also take a look at other complaints content creators might have. I've heard of people being unsubscribed from channels, notifications going out late or... never, and the list goes on. Let this situation be a motivation to fix other issues.

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