First 30: Just Cause 4 + First Look Xbox Series X Gameplay... hmmmm

Happy Belated Mother's Day! Fun fact, my mom got me into gaming as a little kid.
She didn't just buy me a console, she was also a gamer. These games may have been
Space Invaders, Pac Man, and retro games of that type... but it was the 80's and
I loved every minute of it!


Out of the gate in this Xbox Series X first look is... Bright Memory Infinite, take a look and I'll get back to you.

I had the honor of checking out Bright Memory... which is a taste of what's to come with Bright Memory: Infinite, and I'm excited. Bright Memory was... okay, it's like an appetizer which I still may do a First 30 on... but BM: Infinite is the experience I look forward to.

If you missed it in this first look video... the game is being developed by a single person. One person, a signal digit... yeah, impressively cool so I'm curious to see what the one-man studio delivers in BM: Infinite. I don't know if he will be able to remain his one-man team status when it comes to completing this game... but who knows. Maybe it's a goal but if the game is incredibly ambitious... who knows how long it will take for the game to be released.

I wouldn't want the game rushed, but the window of development may be a wide one if he didn't start the process years back before presenting the title for us to drool over. If you buy Bright Memory, you will get BM: Infinite... free... so that's something to think about just in case the price changes.

That said, I've seen this game before... and other than Yakuza: Like a Dragon (and a few other games), I was underwhelmed with the First Look Xbox Series X Gameplay showcase. Where was the gameplay for the most part? I saw some gameplay tucked into the game trailers but... that was about it, that didn't showcase enough to give me an idea of what to expect outside of a few elements. I won't even get into Madden 21.

Microsoft had better be ready with this console. It's sweet to hear that this Xbox (PC... basically) will allow gamers to play a variety of games dating back to the original... but the old won't replace the new. Not saying that it will but... the exclusives for XBSX need to be the trailblazers, not even the multiplatform releases like BM: Infinite. I'm not a hater... it just needs to give gamers a reason to buy.

I hope all the latest consoles do well... by way of doing right by the gamers.

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