Q+A with Lunch A Palooza Team, Seashell Studio!

How did your team come together?

We met each other at an animation course and found out we made a very good team! We started to
make animation work together and gained some popularity out of it. Seashell Studio started as a
creative collective in 2015, then we wanted to experiment with videogames and focused on that so
much that we ended up founding it as a company around 2017.

New valuable members tagged along with our team, while some others have not been permanent they
all added something special to Seashell Studio.

What are five of your team's core values?

- Freedom of creativity: in order to achieve products that can be relatable and original. We work to
ensure that our content is as satisfying for us as it can be for our core fanbase.

- The synergy of thoughts: the work we've done is a mixture of ideas and experiences from the whole
team. We always try to improve our product!

- Keeping up to date: we work to make sure our team is doing the best to keep up to date with new
technology, software, and hardware that can serve as a kickstart for developing great products
without compromising our artistic integrity.

- Reinforce our roots: whether creating content for games or animation, we are constantly trying to
remind ourselves of the importance of how we started and where we want to go. We try to have a
relaxed environment so creativity flows.

- Push our boundaries: while having a multidisciplinary team that has all sorts of visions and
backgrounds we are always happy to include passionate members that share the same love for
making great games that exceed in visuals and emotional senses.

What was the motivation behind Lunch A Palooza?

Back in 2017, before Seashell Studio focused on game development, an animated short was made by
a few of our talented team members: Rodrigo Cuadriello, Miguel Silva and Carlos LΓ³pez. The animated short is called “Moravilla” and portrays sustainability in the food industry and the importance of recycling culture. It won two national animation contests and gained popularity by being nominated through several international film festivals.

After that, we wanted to make our very first commercial product, and since we were lucky with a food topic (after all, it’s universal!) we went through with that idea and thought of a light-hearted,
humoristic, and friendly game.

Do you plan on delivering any updates such as new levels and features?

Of course, we love to receive feedback on Lunch A Palooza and hear your thoughts in order to improve it. As our community of players grows we shall know the needs of the users. Be prepared in the future!

Does your favorite mealtime of the day happen to be lunchtime?

I love food and cooking! I suppose anytime I can grab a bite it’s a good time! Lunch and breakfast are
always something I look forward to!

Speaking of food, if you were on an island for a year and could only have 3 meals, what would they be?

That’s a tough question because I enjoy a large variety of dishes. But I suppose I could go with spicy
chicken chilaquiles since I’m Mexican, tuna sushi! Actually any kind of sushi, really, and finally Greek yogurt with fruit!

Any words of wisdom for aspiring developers?

Do not despair! It can be very frustrating at first, I know it happened to me and our team. We had
limited knowledge and resources that made us believe that we could make this work, but we were

Try to find a community of developers and share your progress and thoughts there, building healthy
relationships will help you thrive in your career and project. Also don’t compare yourself to others,
everyone’s context is quite different, so trust where you’re at and respect your progress, big or small
it’s progress that will help you advance forward.

Any closing words?

I hope everyone can get to play Lunch A Palooza! It is a game made with lots of love. I wish that
everyone who plays it has a fun time with friends and gets hungry with our cute tasty food characters.
If you had fun with our game, please let us know on our social media. We love to see gameplays of it!

Thank you for the interview, I had a lot of fun.

Many thanks to the team at Seashell Studio for taking part in our Q&A session... and I hope to see the indie developer do well moving forward. Lunch A Palooza is available on PC, Playstation 4, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch.

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