Q&A w/ Vectorlord Dev Team, Nervequake Software!

How did your team come together?
Isaac: Longtime friends who ended up working together. After-hour drinks turned into a serious discussion about starting a game company, and 2 years later, here we are!

Secondly, where did the name "Nervequake" Software come from? That's awesome!

Devon: The name "NerveQuake" or "NQ" for short, came from a very early prototype game I had made. The idea was to be so sonically and visually stimulating that the player's nerves would quake. Years later, it made sense to adopt it as our studio title.

What are the five core values that best represent your studio?

Devon Isaac:

1. Custom Tech - Engine built in house, because that's part of the craft we love.
2. Unique - No clones of existing game ideas. Putting a spin on things even if it's risky.
3. We make games we want to play ourselves - rather than solving for the market.
4. Determined! We're not going anywhere.
5. A thread that connects all games - to be revealed over time.

What is the motivation behind, Vectorlord?

DevonProve to the world that we can build a game. Put ourselves out there with something that represents my shareware gaming roots.

What are two elements about your game that will keep players coming back for more?
Devon Isaac:

1. Mastery - learning how to prepare for the perfect 100% run and executing it on the highest difficulty level.
2. Beating your high-score - can you win without taking a hit? See if you can "break" the high score table.

Can we expect new content updates moving forward?

Devon Isaac: Depends on the level of community interest! We hope to revisit the world of VECTORLORD and already have some plans to update with bits of lore that will tie into our future games.

By the way, would you say that developers should have some sort of experience with gaming prior to joining the industry? If so, why?
Isaac: It's useful to have experience with gaming to some degree prior to entering the industry as there's a lot of ground to tread and a lot of easy mistakes to make. With experience in gaming you'll have a better chance of avoiding the easy pitfalls that others have already discovered.

Silly question, but If you were on an island for a year and could only have 3 meals, what would they be? You can only choose 3 between the team.
Devon + Isaac: NerveQuake only eats the following meals -

1. Steak
2. Sushi
3. Baked Beans

Any words of wisdom for aspiring developers?
Devon - It's going to be really hard to make a game, and you might not succeed at first. If you love it, keep at it - do it for the games.
Isaac - The hardest part of making the game is not the first 90%, it's the last 10%.

Any closing words?

Devon + Isaac: Thanks for the interview! Stay tuned as NerveQuake Software plans to announce some cool stuff this year.

It was a pleasure to interview the indie team behind VectorLord, and I will definitely keep an eye open for the pending cool stuff they're rolling out. You're welcome to do the same! Check out this twin-stick shooter with DOS-era aesthetics on Steam today, and party like it's 199X!

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