Save it Phil, the Unreal Engine 5 was revealed on the Playstation 5!

Press play... and then hear me out afterward.

Following this tech demo, Phil Spencer chimed in with the Duh of the Day... by saying (via Twitter),

Incredible work by the team at Epic, many of our XGS studios are using Unreal, like the team at Ninja Theory creating Hellblade II, and are excited to bring these UE5 innovations to life on Xbox Series X.

Yeah... ummm, no offense but... screw the tweet, even if it's true... they weren't the ones showing the tech demo. They weren't even showcasing full-on gameplay in the "First Look Xbox Series X Gameplay" video, so... it's fair to say that Phil can save it. This doesn't mean the Xbox Series X won't be good, but I don't want to hear it when they had the chance to kill it with a superstar first impression. Even if I can't give the props directly to Sony, the Unreal Engine 5 Reveal was on the Playstation 5 and... more than a few people will remember that.

To hell with a tweet Phil, your mission (if you choose to accept it) is to kill it... not follow up with tweets to Playstation 5 videos saying that we can do that too.