You only get...One Life (in this game)... that's it, good luck!

Okay... sooo (right), there's this game called "One Life" where you have "One Life" and... that's it (you're done), because it locks you out of the game after that. We will be providing more coverage on the game, including a daring game review... just to see how long "One Life" can last in the game, as well as the various other things it has to offer (that make for a thorough review).

I don't want to get deeper than that, but I do want to point out something that should be apparent to anyone buying this game... (remember), don't expect to go C-O-D, or you'd probably end up one... and done quickly (if the game remains that way). 

One Life (seemingly) would require a lot more thinking in my opinion. If you're just going in trying to take any and everyone out, that decreases the amount of trust you'd have with others playing with the game.

In other words... if you like to go Rambo, just expect for there to be a rise against you to make sure that the investment in the game doesn't go up in smoke.

This game is doing something no game has intentionally done before (from what I know)... and it could end up being good and/or bad. Bad for those that die early, but rewarding for those truly able to survive, gain friends... and trust as they band together to grow against enemies that also include... zombies. You don't know who would decide to do what in this game, so you'd better know your friends, foes, and frienemies.

My advice to those new to FPS games: You'd better get some practice in other FPS games, crank up the difficulty and up your experience before stepping into this game... especially since you only have "One Life". Coverage for this game couldn't come at a better time... Halloween approaches. Gwahaha(coughing)haha!

Anyway, if you want this game to be released on Steam, vote it up on Steam's Greenlight: