Star Wars: Battlefront 3 + Disney Infinity 3.0 + Nintendo... Nintendo everyone is providing plenty of feedback to the developer that's actually constructive (during the beta)... for the best experience in Star Wars Battlefront 3. The missions should contain some seriously good Star Wars missions, because there is too much gold there, don't sleep on it. Missions should rival multiplayer so that both are appreciated. is the Deluxe Edition & Standard Editions... along with the PS4 Limited Edition Bundle the one and only Darth Vader on it. That PS4 is nice, and what I love about the design is that its not labeled with the title of the game. Why is this important to me? Well... that takes a dated look off the system, because the game won't be new forever and having the title of the game would be like a timestamp (kind of like how some gamepads and fight sticks have the titles of games on them).


It would've been great to see an all white PS4 with Luke Skywalker on it too, but this totally works.

For Wii U gamers (though its a different feel)... there's always Star Wars action through the Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition. What gets us about Nintendo is that they seem to just roll with whatever they get. At least the game is available on the console... but it's just the standard edition. They still aren't exactly opening up the way they could and we haven't been presenting much Nintendo news (even though there is a little), mainly because there is a lot of repeat repeat repeat. There has been an even bigger shift in interest towards PC because companies have been a bit more open and a willingness to provide content, beta codes, etc (with or without us reaching out to them).

What content would be shown at that point? Yep... you guessed, PC content! We're going to continue covering news for the big N though... that's just something that had to be expressed. :p I'll end this on a lighter note: Out of all the Star Wars characters, Ahsoka Tano is actually ranked #1 for all of us at SDGT Studio. It may just be the amount of story surrounding her (but it's good and we like her personality), and there is enough for her to actually have her own story from youngling to Padawan and beyond. The crap she went through prior to walking away from her path to Jedi... was enough for her to get our vote on that decision. Anyway... game on!
Enjoy Star Wars action in Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition