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Rainbow Cotton HD Remake Soars Onto Modern Platforms Today + First 30 Gameplay!

The Classic Dreamcast Shoot 'Em Up Returns With Remastered Visuals, New Gameplay Modes, and Fully Localized Anime Cutscenes

Dust off your broomstick and get ready to take to the skies, because the beloved witch 'em up shooter Rainbow Cotton is back with a magical HD remake that just launched today on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox, and Steam! Originally released in 1999 on the Dreamcast, this cult classic title has been completely remastered for modern platforms, treating longtime fans and newcomers alike to a dazzling visual overhaul, silky smooth gameplay, new features and modes, and—for the first time ever—fully localized anime cutscenes with English, French, Spanish, Italian, and German subtitles.

In Rainbow Cotton HD Remake, players take control of the adorably mischievous witch Cotton and her fairy companions as they embark on a sugary sweet quest to gather up delicious Willow candies. Using an arsenal of whimsical spells and magical attacks, Cotton must fend off an onslaught of demonic enemies and outrageous bosses across vibrant, fantasy-themed stages. It's a wild and wondrous romp that beautifully captures the series' trademark blend of intense shoot 'em up action and offbeat, lighthearted storytelling.

"The original Rainbow Cotton was a beloved cult classic that really pushed the boundaries of the shoot 'em up genre with its charming characters, creative spellcasting mechanics, and delightfully quirky sense of humor," said Takashi Izuka, director at developer Success. "With this HD remake, we've carefully preserved all the whimsical gameplay that made the original so special while also overhauling the graphics, adding awesome new features, and finally giving Western audiences a chance to experience the full story with localized anime cutscenes."

While the core shooting mechanics that Rainbow Cotton fans know and love remain fully intact, the HD remake introduces a slew of enticing new enhancements. The visuals have been completely remastered in 1080p and 4K resolution with beautifully crisp sprite work, dazzling new lighting effects, and meticulously hand-drawn backgrounds that burst with vibrant colors and incredible details. The remixed soundtrack brings the game's upbeat, lighthearted melodies to life with renewed clarity as well.

Perhaps the most exciting new addition, though, is the debut of a local 2-player co-op mode, allowing a friend to join in on Cotton's magical misadventures for some couch co-op pandemonium. By collecting special items during levels, player two can actually transform into different fairy characters—each with their own unique abilities—allowing for some wild strategic teamwork and combo attacks. For the first time in series history, Rainbow Cotton's frenetic shooting action can be an eye-popping social experience!

The HD remake has also incorporated a host of new quality-of-life improvements to fine tune the gameplay, such as additional spellcasting options, revamped scoring systems, optional auto-fire for simplified play, and more. Combined with the buttery smooth frame rates and gorgeously remastered graphics, these enhancements ensure that Rainbow Cotton looks, sounds, and plays better than ever before.

Of course, one of the most highly anticipated components of this HD remake is the addition of localized versions of the original Dreamcast game's anime cutscenes, which were previously only available in Japanese voice acting with no subtitles. Now, fans in the West can finally experience the full narrative scope and quirky humor of Cotton's misadventures with the inclusion of subtitle tracks in English, French, Spanish, Italian, and German. It's the most complete and accessible version of Rainbow Cotton's story to date!

With its irresistible charm, vibrant personality, and action-packed gameplay, the original Rainbow Cotton established itself as a must-play for any self-respecting shoot 'em up enthusiast or Dreamcast collector back in 1999. Over 20 years later, this enchanting cult classic has been expertly rejuvenated with the kind of deluxe HD remaster treatment it so richly deserves, introducing its wonderful blend of frenetic shooting, spellcasting mechanics, and off-the-wall storytelling to a whole new generation of gamers.

So grab your trusty broomstick controller, pucker up those lips, and get ready to blow away the demonic hordes as the irrepressible witch Cotton in this lovingly crafted HD remake, available today on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox, and Steam. It's the sweetest magical mayhem you'll experience all year! Just try not to stress out those poor fairy companions too much, okay?

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Back To The Future w/ SEGA!

Before I even jump into this article, take a look at this video which reveals some of the awesomeness I've been waiting to see for quite some time (some of you may have seen it at the Video Game Awards 2023):

If you didn't know, now you know that SEGA is going back to the future... by way of diving into its legacy to bring new games to the forefront from familiar franchises. Crazy Taxi & Jet Set Radio were IP's served up to us on the Dreamcast, and were great titles worth being added to a collector's library (I still have these games for my system). It was great to see the games being brought back on the scene because... there's a place for them. Sega should have peeped game awhile ago (I mean... look at Capcom).

Crazy Taxi on the Dreamcast + Arcade focused on picking up people... and getting to their locations in time by any means necessary, while racking up bonuses for drifting, etc. The game was buttery smooth, wacky, and fun and I hope to see the locations expand in the pending game along with the various challenges that take advantage of the online multiplayer. Back then, SEGA took a bold step to make the console capable of connecting to the internet, but... it wasn't there yet. So I'm curious what modes are going to be available today, now that online multiplayer is a major staple in games now.

Jet Set Radio was so fun and also ran buttery smooth. The art style was undeniable, and... the music kept you rocking as you tagged the various locations (with graffiti) and took on rival crews. The fun factor was through the roof, and I had to force myself to put the controller down for various titles on the console. 

Those titles included Crazy Taxi + Jet Set Radio, so Christmas came early for me with these two reveals, not to mention the Streets of Rage reveal.

Granted there was an awesome 2D Streets of Rage 4 game released in 2020, but It's great to see that Sega is keeping the party going by bringing it back in a new way. This adds to the multiplayer fun that each of the mentioned games is going to bring... and this actually takes me back even further because we played the crap out of these Streets of Rage games on Sega Genesis and Sega CD (via Final Fight CD). My cousin and I played Final Fight CD's survival mode for hours. I can hear the music now, good times.

I'm going to keep the focus on multiplayer for now... with Golden Axe. I remember playing the 1989 game in the laundry mat. It was a fun multiplayer game and did things that were quite impressive to me for a 2D game. Not only could you mount various animals, but you could arm yourself with melee weapons at the same time + use magic and all that good stuff. The victories were rewarding because it truly felt like a battle from stage to stage, so I'm curious to see what the results will be in the upcoming installment.

Last but not least... the Shinobi reveal looks fantastic as well and appears to have 2D comic-style art (which may contain some 3D cel-shade elements... which appears to ). It seemingly has a depth served up at a nice scale, including various platforming challenges to put fans and newcomers to the test. I can't predict what any of these games will play like, but if they serve up new experiences with great controls and fun factors that make us come back for more... it's safe to call these a win.

This could be a move that Sega is making to have the resources to develop even better Sonic games as well. Remember... they want to take on Mario to a serious degree, so we shall see where all this goes. Either way... I'm excited, and what made it even better... is the fact that it wasn't a rerelease of old games. The classics are saluted, but it's great to get something new by way of the classics (remakes are a beautiful thing) and I can't wait to see the trajectory of Sega over the next decade.

If you haven't seen The Video Game Awards 2023... grab some popcorn, click play, and... enjoy!