BlazBlue Entropy Effect: It's about time we receive a beautiful 2D side scroller featuring BlazBlue characters!

It's about damn time that we received a Blazblue 2D platformer. It makes sense, they don't have to be stuck in an arena, open the world up and... send us on a kickass adventure! This is promising and has the potential of bleeding over into Blazblue fighting games. I can picture it now, remove the drawn-out cutscenes and let us reach the destination of battle in a certain mode. Arcade can remain arcade, and adventure can incorporate what we see here. I'll get my head out of the clouds though, because they don't need to be there with BlazBlue Entropy Effect... out now (in Early Access).

BlazBlue Entropy Effect is a brand-new action roguelike developed by a team with years of experience in action games, ready to present what they claim to be "the best 2D action combat experience the world has ever seen!"

According to the developers, each character has its own traits and hundreds of moves to choose from as you create your unique combos. The Legacy System makes each battle a unique experience. This is easy to confirm as truth because they're using the character moves from the BlazBlue universe.

Tactics come into play by way of you being able to select from eight different elements like lightning, fire, light, umbra, and more plus over 200 upgrades that you can utilize in various way to go nuts with your combos. My hands are twitching just thinking about it jumping into this Metroidvania-inspired game and its sandbox-style levels.

While the characters are familiar, BlazBlue Entropy Effect is a spin-off of the BlazBlue series. It has its own original storyline. By the way, you can snatch this game up for $19.99.

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