Brinks Commercial: Keyed Entry Lever & Deadbolt... Reviewed!

Quality: The Brinks Commercial: Keyed Entry Lever & Deadbolt combo delivers a commercial feel, this particular set has a Satin Chrome Finish. The weight and sturdiness, definitely spell quality to me. There is no wiggle when the product is installed, and the screws are covered by a plate so you don't have to worry about them working their way out on the lever. There are also internal screws for the deadbolt, in addition to those you see on the exterior. 

Security: Security-wise, the inner workings like the anti-pry shield are solid in terms of security. All the pieces you see here work to prevent unwanted entry, and I say that to say... make sure to use all of the parts instead of finding the quickest way to install this product that leaves behind parts.

The Deadbolt is ANSI Grade 1 and the Lever is ANSI Grade 2.

As mentioned before, according to the ANSI Organization, they utilize an array of tests that represent attacks on the locks for the sake of trying to gain entry:

ANSI Grade 1 requires 10 blows from a ram in order to gain entry and it must be hit in a select area, while ANSI Grade 2 requires 5 blows at a minimum of 360 pounds. See more.

Installation: Speaking of the Installation, it isn't bad at all as long as you have the right tools for the job, and I'm sure it won't take the company handyman long to get it installed. The plate holes guide the screws.

By the way... for the door lever, don't fully screw in the latch part until you connect it to the center area of the door lever. Give yourself the wiggle room and it won't take you long at all to connect it to finish up the installation.

Price: Price-wise, you can get this Brinks Commercial heavy-duty commercial combo set for $72.98. By the way, did I mention that this combo comes with a 10-year limited warranty? So now that you have the scoop on this product, feel free to compare and contrast, but we hope that this review made the decision a lot easier for you.

Quality 5

Security 5

Installation 5

Price 5

5 out of 5 Cool Points

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