Air Twister: The Second Coming Of... Space Harrier? Possibly!

In the mood for a new Space Harrier-style game? Well, you may find an interest in Air Twister, the 3D shooting adventure game created by the legendary Yu Suzuki (YSNET). Shout out to the Inin team for supplying us with a copy.

If you aren't familiar with... Yu Suzuki, he's renowned for his iconic titles like Space Harrier, After Burner, Out Run, and the Shenmue series. So it was a pleasant surprise to see Inin and YSNET bring forth this fresh 3D arcade shooting adventure game with a symphony-rich soundtrack. I think the music is a perfect fit for this game.

Owners of Nintendo Switch + PlayStation 4 & 5 can get their hands on both physical and digital copies of Air Twister, while Xbox and PC users will have access to the digital version only. One thing I wish the team would have done was sweeten the pot for pre-orders. Nothing wrong with custom posters or perhaps a figurine or something. A little goes a long way in that regard, even if it's an exclusive digital skin, but... for physical copies, a physical item rocks to dial up the excitement as you prepare to embark on a mesmerizing journey through Yu Suzuki's imaginative realms.

In terms of the game, you represent... Princess Arch as she embarks on a whimsical quest to save her planet from impending doom. Equipped with arrows that leave behind graceful arcs of light, she confronts peculiar invaders with the same goal of taking her out. With over 20 unique enemies to conquer, Air Twister aims to deliver an unforgettable gaming experience.

In order to evoke a sense of nostalgia for traditional arcade games, Yu Suzuki has incorporated varying levels of difficulty into Air Twister, offering players an authentic old-school arcade feel. That old-school feel is undeniable in terms of the way some animations feel. While there is fluid movement in some aspects, with some enemies and even movement from swans and other winged creatures from Team Arch... feels a little stiff. If you're familiar with animation, you know what I mean, but... the goal was to capture that old-school feel.

Highlights of Air Twister:

Immerse yourself in 12 meticulously designed levels, each offering a unique and fresh experience every time you delve into the game. Embark on an enchanting journey reminiscent of Alice's adventures through the whimsical rabbit hole.

Test your skills against more than 20 dynamic Vanguard creatures and face off against 10 distinctive bosses, all while enjoying simple and intuitive controls that ensure a delightful and effortless gameplay experience.

Indulge in an extraordinary soundtrack created by Valensia, a renowned Dutch music composer who has spent over three decades preserving the timeless rock and opera legacy of Queen's greatest hits.

Unleash the full potential of replayability by unlocking Challenge Games in the Adventure Map, featuring exciting modes like Arcade, Turbo, Boss Rush, and more! Prepare for endless hours of thrilling gameplay.

Discover a multitude of fantastic Minigames that promise unexpected surprises and delightful elements.

Mark your calendars to take flight into the world of... Air Twister on November 10, 2023!

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