FTS: Identity V Crossover Event With Manga/Anime xxxHOLiC Now Live

Identity V Crossover Event With Manga/Anime xxxHOLiC Now Live

Hangzhou, China – November 23, 2023 – The crossover event between Identity V, the 1v4 asymmetrical survival horror game by NetEase Games and manga/anime xxxHOLiC is launching today. The peculiar events that occurred in the Oletus Manor have attracted visitors from different times. What hidden dangers and challenges lie beyond the veil of fog, eagerly awaiting players to embark on this enchanting journey! 

Incredible tales in the Manor, where mystique and peculiarity collide!

xxxHOLiC is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by the manga group CLAMP. The story revolves around Kimihiro Watanuki, a high school student who can see spirits, meets Yûko Ichihara, a witch who owns a wish-granting shop that can make every wish come true. In exchange for fulfilling his wish to be rid of the spirits, Watanuki becomes employed by Yûko. As Watanuki navigates through his working life, a series of peculiar events continue to unfold around him.

The Identity V x xxxHOLiC Crossover event will be available from November 23 to December 14. The peculiar events that occurred in the Oletus Manor have also been reported in Miss Yûko's shop. Together with Kimihiro Watanuki, investigate the strange events that happened to the manor and unveil the hidden truths that lie within. Participate in daily events, complete log-in and daily battles to obtain different rewards such as Crossover Accessory - Water Basin, Crossover Portrait Frame - Mokona Modoki, Crossover Portrait - Kimihiro Watanuki, Crossover Graffiti - Mokona Modoki, Crossover Essence and more.

Miss Yûko's wish-granting Shop can make all your wishes come true! Participate in the Wish Event, write down your wishes, save them to obtain rewards such as crossover essence or view the wishes left by other Visitors!

Meanwhile, Identity V x xxxHOLiC Crossover Essence will be available online with a wide variety of crossover items. Including the crossover costumes: Geisha S costume - Yûko Ichihara, Seer A costume - Kimihiro Watanuki, "Little Girl" A costume - Kohane Tsuyuri and Mercenary A costume - Shizuka Dômeki. There will be more such as crossover limited graffiti, crossover limited portrait, emote, etc. as the game gradually reintroduces numerous beloved characters and items.

Incredible tales as Destiny entwines with the realms of fantasy!
Yûko Ichihara possesses extraordinary abilities, not only foretelling the future across time and space but also captivating hearts with her philosophical words. Managing a mystical store that grants wish at a cost, she has resolved innumerable mysterious occurrences for her clients. Yet, as reluctant Geisha dresses in S costume - can Yûko Ichihara fulfill her own dream in the unending pursuit?

Kimihiro Watanuki, a high school student marked by an unusual talent, finds himself employed in Miss Ichihara’s store by destiny's guidance, embarking on a journey of growth through encounters with psychic phenomena. Despite his nagging, he is a nice person with warmth and enthusiasm. Within the manor, Seer possesses a remarkable gift for communing with spirits.

Kohane Tsuyuri, a pure and endearing girl with the ability to perceive the soul, carries the weight of past misfortunes. When "Little Girl" dresses in A costume - Kohane Tsuyuri, can her courage and compassion help her in overcoming formidable adversaries and rediscovering her lost joy?

Shizuka Dômeki, adept at banishing demons that disrupt spirits, maintains an icy outlook yet possesses astute discernment and effective execution. He's always ready to protect Kimihiro Watanuki whenever he is in trouble. When Mercenary dresses in A costume - Shizuka Dômeki, how might he showcase his robust physical prowess and decisiveness as a dependable ally on the battlefield, fighting alongside his friend?

The intricate fate is shrouded in uncertainty. The crossover between Identity V, the 1v4 asymmetrical survival horror game by NetEase Games and anime xxxHOLiC is about to begin. Prepare for an extraordinary chase as you and friends from diverse time dimensions step into the manor, diving into the truth behind all these peculiar events!