FTS: Zen Reveals Horror-Inspired “Pinball M,” Coming Soon (PC, Consoles) + This Release Is Confusing To Me!


Zen Studios Unleashes Pinball M: A New Horror-Inspired Pinball Platform for the Most Fearless Players

Zen’s newest pinball platform will feature five terrifying tables coming soon

SAN FRANCISCO  Aug. 31, 2023 – Get ready to tilt into terror with Zen Studios’ latest creation: Pinball M! At the MIX Next Online Showcase, Zen unveiled this brand-new digital pinball platform designed especially for horror fans. Pinball M will transport players into a world of terror, where every flick of the flipper can lead to victory or disaster. Pinball M is expected to begin terrorizing players on PlayStation, Xbox, Steam, Epic Games Store, and Nintendo Switch soon.

Pinball M will launch with five horrifying tables inspired by world class IPs, including Chucky’s Killer Pinball in collaboration with Universal Games and Digital Platforms, Dead by Daylight Pinball in collaboration with Behaviour Interactive, and Zen’s own Wrath of the Elder Gods Director's Cut.

To round out the launch, Zen is also developing two other tables that will be revealed later. Each Pinball M table is fully loaded with gameplay designed to keep players on the edge of their seats, featuring assets inspired by their source material for an authentic experience.

And the terror doesn’t stop when the game is over! Pinball M introduces a new nerve-rattling Play Corner feature in the table menu, which immerses players in a 3D environment that’s themed to match each table’s horror-inspired design, with wickedly fun customization options that make each Play Corner unique. Players can craft their own personal corner of horrors in the game with eerie decorative elements which can be earned through gameplay. With Play Corners, you’ll be drawn deeper into the terrifying world of each pinball table – you may never want to leave!

“We are thrilled to bring this new pinball platform to our players with a killer lineup of new licensed tables,” said Mel Kirk, COO of Zen Studios. “Over the years, there have been many mature themes that we’ve wanted to explore on our pinball tables. Pinball M allows Zen to fully embrace M-rated source material and create authentic pinball experiences based on our favorite horror and irreverent themes.”

This release is confusing to me!

I appreciate the Zen Studios team; I'll start with that. If you didn't know, they've not only hooked us up with DLC pinball tables, but also a pinball pass for Pinball FX to showcase tables. Pinball FX is a free platform that has different categories from companies that allow you to enjoy the pinball tables they have to offer. 

That brings me to the announcement of Pinball M. Why on earth would Pinball M be a separate platform apart from Pinball FX that's fully fleshed out? It could have given Pinball FX owners access to new tables to enjoy in one place rather than split it up.

I get that these are m-rated tables, but there are options like World War Z and other creepy options on Pinball FX. Maybe these will really go off the deep end in terms of the gore and maybe language, but... if these tables can be accessed through a person's account (PC & Console) just like Pinball FX, anyone would be able to access them anyway. This includes children, unless parents' prevent access. There could have been a different way to access the Pinball M games or something, just like there are different categories for "MY TABLES", "TOURNAMENTS", "EVENTS", another categories. Maybe have a tab for "PINBALL M" or something and give owners the option to hide the tab in settings if they want.

The good thing is that you can get both Pinball FX & Pinball M, they won't break your system by having both... but these are my thoughts about the release and a creative solution that could've made the tables a part of the Pinball FX platform.

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