Never Played A Video Game In Your Life? Let's Get You Going!

While it is shocking to someone like myself who has played video games for most of my life, I can understand that everyone didn't game... even if it's a jaw dropper.

We received a response yesterday from someone who said that he never played a video game in his life, even as a kid. We do see a twinkle of light though, because he went on to say that he wants to, he just get's anxious... but assumes that game is "expensive as heck".

Oh no no no... he came to the right place, because if you approach gaming the right way, it can be one of the more inexpensive activities you have.

Mobile gaming offers free, freemium, and super cheap games that you can buy for less than $5 bucks.

The free games remain free by way of ads that play or get presented on the top or lower banners of the screen.

Freemium games give you the option to buy in-game currency, powerups, and things of that nature that keep the game "free" to a certain extent, but... even these games will contain ads to prevent them from pressing you for cash.

And... of course you have the paid games, which can be really solid games that you can also enjoy on tablets, and... PC by way of the new Google Play Games for PC (beta). This takes games that you may have invested in on mobile and gives you access on larger screens with the ability to play with game controllers or keyboard + mouse.

Console gives you the ability to play the latest games without the need to worry about updating drivers, ram, graphics cards, and other parts like some do in terms of PC. The games are made around the specs of the hardware, and you can either enjoy the games they have to offer that are the latest and greatest or... go through the digital sales and see what older or even the inexpensive newer releases have to offer.

*Unlike mobile & pc, these systems will bid new releases farewell once they've reached the end of their run and pass the baton off to the next console generation. That said, outside of digital games, you can enjoy games that don't require a download (but...) you will have better luck when it comes to older consoles that don't have any games that require immediate downloads to play them out of the case. I'm not saying that all of today's games do, but older consoles weren't even connected to the internet to the degree that downloads were a factor. You can breathe easier with a Nintendo Switch in this regard, but... when it comes to consoles and online gameplay, once things are shut down for an older console, kiss online gameplay goodbye.

You also have to pay a fee to play online when it comes to console. No shade, but these are facts to keep in mind.

That brings us to PC, the system that keeps the good times rolling from past to present. This platform certainly varies by specs, and may require some understanding of drivers, and installation if you plan to do upgrades. Of course, having friends that game on PC can certainly take the edge off in this regard... if they're big on mods, but you can certainly buy a PC that's ready to roll out of the box. Like consoles though, you will have to keep space in mind in terms of downloads. You will have to do some installs and uninstalls based on the group of games you're into at the time, but... regardless of what they are, if your specs cover them... you can play them. Not only can you play the games of today if your system meets the specs, but it can also play games from decades ago. Want to play a game from 30 years ago? No problem, that's the beauty of PC and if a particular game is one that your content with playing here and there... year after year and there's an audience there (i.e. Counter Strike)... you can do that because the limits aren't there, and neither is the paygate to play online outside of your personal internet connection.

Like console you can use a game controllers, joysticks, fight sticks, race wheels, (in addition to) flight controls, keyboard + mouse, and all that good stuff. The brand doesn't matter, if it compatible with PC (usually) through USB... you can use it.

I also cannot overlook Amazon Luna, which gives you the option of gaming on your TV, PC, Tablet, and Phone... via the internet with no installation of games. They're streamed just like you'd stream a movie through a platform like... Netflix. You can either pay $9.99/month or more to get Ubisoft+ or... enjoy the monthy free games that are avaiable for Prime members. The only catch is that they're swapped out each month, you (usually) don't get to play the same exact games every month.

In terms of games on PC, like with mobile, you can find and enjoy plenty of free-to-play games. Some are better than others, but they don't cost you anything out of pocket to enjoy them. As a newcomer to gaming, I will say this... if you like the game... at least support it here and there because free-to-play games rely on support by way of in-app purchases.

You also have other games that are on sale to snatch up for little to no money, bundles for great games, and even the weekly games we present here that are free snatch up for a certain time before they go back to the price they're normally set at. Nabbing the games presented in the "Top Audiences Last Week" posts would land you at least 4 games per month for free.

 Now let's jump into games that could fit your potential preference 

If you get anxious when it comes to games, you may be better off playing slower paced games such as point-and-click adventures. This doesn't make point-and-click games bad either, there are some solid immersive stories when it comes to some of these games... but they challenge you by way of solving puzzles and gathering clues. Here are some to give you an idea of the options you have out there:

Broken Sword 5 - The Serpent's Curse

Syberia - The World Before

Stasis - Bone Totem

Deponia: The Complete Journey | Available For $2.99 (until 09.05.2023)

Broken Age

Blacksad: Under The Skin

Other games you may find an interest in... that may deliver a different type of challenge, are SIM Games. There are many types, some are more focused on... life, while others allow you to construct cities, roads, railways, etc.

The Sims 4 (which is free-to-play now) 

Tropico 6 

Cities: Skylines II

Transport Fever 2

Hotel Renovator

There are card games as well if you want some variety. From the traditional games like solitaire, to poker, to battle card games... there are plenty to enjoy.

Marvel Snap (Battle Card Game) 

Microsoft Solitaire & Casual Card Games (Click on the Microsoft icon in the lower left corner and type in this game... it's likely pre-installed)

Pinball FX is a game that deliver's what you'd expect in a digital pinball game... and then some. You also get two free pinball tables with this game to enjoy in this free game. Additional tables and pinball passes vary in price.

The list goes on. You can literally enjoy a wealth of games within genre's that don't require an immediate response that makes you feel anxious. This was just me going through games that we have, because variety rocks, but... there is plenty within these genres to fun it up. That said, I hope this was informative to anyone who would like to get into gaming like, Kev. 

Explore your options and game on!

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