Rick And Morty: The Complete Seasons 1 - 6... Reviewed!

Shout out to WB for providing a copy of this product for review. My opinions are my own.

We've been here and done that when it comes to Rick & Morty Seasons 1 to 6, so this will be more of an article giving you access to previous reviews... while discussing what's available in this bundle + price.

Rick and Morty is an adult animated sci-fi sitcom that follows the adventures of an eccentric and alcoholic scientist named... Rick Sanchez and his kind yet gullible grandson Morty. The duo travels to different dimensions and planets, getting into all sorts of situations along the way. The show often explores themes of existentialism, family, and the consequences of scientific advancement.

The writing sends the story in various directions from episode to episode, but the storyline does progress... and growth can be seen in each character to an extent. Below you will find links to the review of all 6 seasons.

This 6 Blu-ray disc set comes with all 61 episodes, audio commentary, deleted scenes, "Inside the Episode" segments, numerous featurettes, animatic sketches, copious special features + more (that include a limited-time Rick and Morty poster).

When it comes to price, this bundle comes in at $129.99 SRP ($119.99 in Canada) for Blu-Ray & $114.99 SRP ($99.99 in Canada) for DVD. Of course, you can get the hook-up for much less, here!

I don't have a problem with the price, it comes with all the bonus material the team has cooked up over the years, but... I do have a problem with one thing. What's up with the poster?! You can't possibly go from the kickass poster from the Seasons 1 - 4 bundle to one of Mr. Frundles. I get it, I understand that maybe some people may get a kick out of it because of what it represents, but... no. It only shows his face in the corner, it could have shown something a bit more visually appealing or... give us a sticker of the fold that showcases his face. A sticker would've been a win in my opinion.

That's my only objection. If it were me, I would have maybe surrounded the family with Mr. Frundles in whatever scenario they'd prefer to do. I probably would have even made a Mr. Frundles picture frame and had the family in the picture, that would've made great use of the space, but I'm not a part of the team.

Story 5

Visuals 5

Audio 5

Price + Extras 5 (The other extras save this from losing a point for the poster.)

5 out of 5 Cool Points

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