2022 Wishmas Guide... for Younglings!


Hear ye... hear ye, thank you for checking out this 2022 Wishmas Guide for Younglings. Come right this way. While it won't exactly be a finger directly pointed at all products, the goal is to point you in the right direction regarding a gift that keeps on giving to your Youngling (well beyond the first week)!

There are parents curious about how to make the gifts last for the long haul, but at times... one of the biggest solutions is to back away from the quantity and consider the quality.

How often do you see your child actually using a select gift?

Is it an upgrade to something they didn't ask for?

Did they put the effort into figuring out what they wanted and why it would make a great gift? This is a question to put out there if you just don't know, and it wouldn't hurt to have them either right it out or explain it to you.

If they need assistance in tackling a list, consider this:

What are they into?


Gaming - Find out what platform do they have or want?




I can't forget about this badass 2022 Toy of the Year Awards Winner that I wish I had as a youngling.


Martial Arts - Are they currently in martial arts or would desire to join? As a martial artist, I think this is one of those experiences that would go the distance for a youngling when you consider the discipline alone. Factor in the ability of your youngling to defend themselves, and this is a gift that keeps on giving. 

While there are online courses and videos, I don't know if I'd recommend that. Nothing beats the dojo and the in-person experience, plus classmates become honorary brothers and sisters in some cases.

I only recommend online training and videos if you aren't close enough to a reputable dojo.



Education - Is there something you would like to help your Youngling learn via an online course? The various things you see here likely have courses that you can tap into so that your youngling can become even better with their gift. I mention this category because if it's a passion, it could ultimately blossom into a future career.

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