1More Aero Wireless Earbuds... Reviewed!

 Shout out to the 1More team for sending these over as quick as they did.

When it comes to the 1More Aero headphones, all I had to see was spatial sound, and I was like... oh heck yeah. So what's the verdict, do they deliver when it comes to that feature? What about the sound quality? I'm glad you asked... or at least I'd envision you asking these things, so... let's find out right now!

Quality + Comfort: In terms of quality, the 1More Aero earbuds have a slender plastic body that widens towards the ear tips... while the lower end runs down just in front of the earlobe. The earbuds are light but sturdy, and the plus about them being light is the lack of additional weight that may cause them to slip out of your ear easier.

I used the smallest ear tips to make sure that I could wear them comfortably during the review, and just like other earbuds... I had to sleep with these on for some ASMR action. The earbuds passed my sleep test, I didn't have to remove them at any point, but... these won't last a full 8 hours. More on this later.

The case of these headphones is also plastic and is a river rock shape that allows you to easily slip it into your pocket. The rechargeable... charging case has a hood-like lid for easy access. Despite it being a lighter case... it's not flimsy, you will have to hold the case with one hand to open the lid with the other. I say that to say you don't have to worry about the earbuds falling out once they're in this case being shoved into your pocket to get cozy with your wallet. By the way, taking these headphones out is a smooth process. 

Love the 1More Evo earbuds, but... taking them out of the case isn't always the easiest for me. I learned to make sure my fingers were extra dry and to push them to the side before lifting. There is no issue with the 1More Aero, you just grab and go.

Sound: When it comes to sound, these earbuds deliver in a balanced way... out of the box. The lows and highs grab my attention the most based on what I'm indulging in. I can't hate on the mids because the voices in shows and movies were nothing to frown at, and calls didn't leave me squinting my eyes while trying to hear what someone was saying on the line.

The subtle sounds hold their own quite well (i.e. I heard the heels of a guy's dress shoes as he approached the stand during an argument in a courtroom scene), which I give a green light in terms of these earbuds serving up a nice ASMR experience (preferably with ANC on). The bass is deep enough to be appreciated and gives a nice punchy thump + boom when the oomph is right.

The 1More Aero earbuds feature 1 ANC level and a passthrough feature as well. When ANC is activated it significantly cuts down on the outside noise unless someone is just talking that loud, but these earbuds are adaptive enough for your needs at this price point. 

If you need to get the scoop on what someone is saying (i.e. the Teens out there rocking earbuds and their parents require their listening ears), you can literally take one of these earbuds out and the other one that's still in your ear will fade away the active noise cancellation (and turns up the passthrough).

This worked great when I was in a studio and needed to hear what someone was saying about a pending event. I didn't look at the features before jumping in (for the most part), because I wanted to get a true first impression... and I love this feature. Once you get done, just put the other earbud back in your ear, and it will smoothly fade right back into ANC mode.

The big feature of these earbuds is the spatial audio, and I couldn't wait to jump in (you have no idea).

Spatial audio is a type of technology that serves up head-related transform function technology (HRTF) via your headphones, and basically gives you 360 degrees of sound.

To be more specific about the spatial audio capabilities of the 1More Aero, they have a built-in gyroscope, dynamic head tracking (think VR), and 3D audio technology. The sound won't change direction while using this feature, so when you turn your head to your left while listening to a voice or sound coming from the front of you, you will now hear the voice or sound more so in your right ear. 

I accessed the spatial audio feature through the 1More app while the earbuds were connected to my phone, and when I switched up and connected them to the office telly, I made sure the DTS TruSurround of the TV was activated. While spatial audio isn't a must for every single audio experience, it's a nice plus for those experiences that take advantage of it.

My audio experience included:

Gerald Albright - What you see is what you get | No spacial audio. I keep going back to this track because the instruments are just... so damn clean and it sounds great.

Rick Ross - Maybach Music 3 | Spatial audio & No spatial audio. I listened to this track with the feature on and off, it features Dolby Atmos, but... I couldn't tell the difference to be honest (at least with these earbuds).

Guns N Roses - Welcome to the Jungle | No spatial audio. By the way... Carrie Underwood did a cover of this in concert, which made me curious of what her performance was like. I won't say that I was surprised, I know she's a singer, but she held her own with the song and it didn't sound like you'd expect a concert experience to sound for the most part. There were parts where she didn't lay in fully the way Axl Rose did in the track but... she did a damn good job (and again, this was in concert where some people are unable to pull off similar results). You can tell that it was authentic too because you could tell that she was reloading (breathing in) to hit you with more when she pulled the mic away, etc. 

Thor: Love and Thunder | Spatial audio.

She-Hulk: Attorney At Law | Spatial audio. She-Hulk didn't present a great deal of spatial audio from
beginning to end that I noticed, but you heard sounds coming from various directions that were a subtle plus (like the guy's shoes I heard as he approached the stand in the courtroom came from the right).

You might scratch your head wondering why I'd turn off the spatial audio for certain experiences, but keep in mind that every bit of audio wasn't created with spatial audio in mind. So when it comes to the music, if you want to hear it the way it was intended to be heard, turn off spatial sound or you will hear it from a certain direction unless they recorded it with some sort of omnidirectional mic that puts you in the center of it all.

In the box + Features:

In the box, you get the wireless charging case

1More Aero Earbuds

USB Charging cable

4 Pairs of silicone ear tips (S / M / L / XL)

Features include:

IPX5 Waterproof Protection - Saves your earbuds from low-pressure of water.

Bluetooth 5.2

42dB QuietMax Active Noice Canceling with 40Hz-4000Hz range

450 mAh Case battery (Case & earbuds fully charged give 28 hours of playback)

40 mAh battery gives you 7 hours of playback (which can get you through most of a shift before a recharge

Earbud recharge time 1 hour

Case recharge time 2 hours

By the way, you get a speaker impedance of 32, 10mm dynamic driver, and 12 Studio-grade EQs for your listening pleasure. These earbuds were also tuned by multi-Grammy award winner Luca Bignard.

The Preset EQs include:

Default (balanced)

Bass reducer

Base booster









Vocal booster

Play around with these to find your preferred preset, or go with a more custom sound, but another option is just one selection away when needed.

Price:  Pricewise, you can get the 1More Aero earbuds for $109.99, which are $89.99 at the time of this review... which includes a 10W Qi Wireless Charging Pad for free until 11/30/2022 (so you save $30).

Overall, I think these are some solid earbuds that deliver for those who want earbuds to enjoy music and movies without disturbing others around you.

Quality + Comfort 5

Sound 5

In the box + Features 5

Price 5

5 out of 5 Cool Points

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