Brinks Push Pull Rotate Knob + Deadbolt... Reviewed!

Many thanks to the Brinks team for supplying the Lingdingham Keyed Entry Knob & the Weldon Single Cylinder Deadbolt. Are they useful? Well, let's jump in and find out... after this unboxing!

Design & Quality: Design-wise (as seen in the unboxing), the Lindingham Keyed Entry Knob is a similar design to the Weldon Single Cylinder Deadbolt

There are other models that give you the ability to gain entry to your home or office via the Push Pull Rotate options, but I had to go with these options because they look great and fit the style I like.

The deadbolt looks sweet, but... I'd be lying if I said I didn't go with the deadbolt based on the Lingdingham doorknob. It's not your typical door knob design, it gives you almost that handle shape but it still maintains the knob design.

I like this design because it looks cool, but... it's also useful. Both the knob and deadbolt have this bezel-like design going around the main area (granted one is round and the other is square). It's a very nice touch, and in terms of quality, you can see it in the products. The contents as seen in the unboxing also include additional things like an anti-pry shield and reinforcement plates.

By the way, you can get these door locks in 4 colors: Satin Nickel (the ones I went with), Polished Brass, Tuscan Bronze, and Polished Chrome.

Ease of installation: Outside of adding the reinforcement plate and the mounting plate, you're basically installing your doorknob and deadbolt as usual. It's a smooth process. Follow the instructions (down to the point where it instructs you to leave screws loose until later in the installation), and you're good.

Usefulness: Outside of the standard uses for a doorknob and deadbolt, the ability to push + pull + rotate is useful in more ways than one. For example, let's say you're carrying quite a few things in both hands and you can't twist the door knob in order to open it. The push feature allows you to gain entry without the need to do anything else.

No need to worry about food and beverages being spilled when you can do this. If you're doing a team lift and someone closed the door, all you have to do is push the door knob. The same applies to dirty hands. The pull feature works the same way when exiting your home or office, just give it a pull, which is another reason why I love the shape of this particular doorknob.

All you have to do is access that lip and give it a pull, even if it's with your wrist. No hate on the standard round door knob (I know some of you prefer the traditional look, but... the shape of this one is similar to that handle design mentioned above and even allows for you to twist the door knob if you desire by simply pushing down on the extended area to rotate it. I love functional design.

These door locks will get a ton of use, not because they're simply door locks (duh of the day) but because you can often find me trying to access a door with a bunch of food and drinks when I don't have the extra hands.

Even deadbolts like the Weldon model make it easier to lock because one side of the thumb turn is longer than the other... so all you have to do is shift it with your knuckle or something when your hands aren't free.

Price: Pricewise, you're looking at $55 for the Brinks Push Pull Rotate Lindingham Entry Knob, and $64 for the Brinks Weldon Deadbolt. There are certainly all sorts of doorknobs and deadbolts in this price range, higher and lower, so do the research and also ask yourself if you value things like an anti-pry shield, an anti-drill plate, anti-pick, and anti-bump spool pins for increased security. If you aren't familiar with bump lock picking, this is something to certainly beware of.

The price might make some of you lean back, but regardless of what options you go with (in all seriousness)... think about who and what you're trying to protect behind those door locks.

Overall, these are some great options for door locks... because they're useful (that's the main thing for me), but it doesn't hurt that they look good and carry a limited lifetime warranty.

Design & Quality 5

Ease of Installation 5

Usefulness 5

Price 5

5 out of 5 Cool Points

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