Tom and Jerry: Snowman's Land... Reviewed!

Shout out to Warner Bros for sending over a copy of this movie for review. My opinions are my own.

Story: Tom and Jerry: Snowman's Land is a Christman story about the legendary frienemies, Tom and Jerry. The duo finds themselves in the town of Goodberry, next to Mt. Felicity, which is a mountain said to have magical snow (keep this in mind).

The opening scene gives you a brief description of the location, before ushering you into the cat vs mouse action as Tom and Jerry go head to head from rival toy stores positioned directly across the street from each other.

Shortly after all hell breaks lose mainly at the hands of Tom, we're introduced to the toy store owners. You have Doctor Doublevay as Tom's owner and Mrs. LePage as Tom's owner. Of course, Tom's owner isn't the nicest guy in the world and has a nasty desire to destroy Mrs. LePage's store for his desired plans. Mrs. LePage's toys are a little more on the traditional side and require a little more imagination.

Jerry's nephew Tuffy is also featured in this film, and his main focus is working on his magic. Jerry disapproves because of the destruction it usually causes. This sent Tuffy for a sad stroll that led him to getting his hands on some snow and creating a snow mouse that resembled the Snowbuds being sold by Mrs. LePage. As seen on the cover, the snow mouse came to life.

Larry the snow mouse is... interesting. He's a comedian, and though he isn't packaged to be a bad guy, he's a bit of a smart alec who will take a shot if he sees the opportunity to make a joke, A few times, I was like damn that's messed up. So you have that element, but you also had some comedy from special guests like Butch and music numbers.

It wasn't just the versus action going on in Goodberry, they took the act on the road as Jerry, Tuffy, and Larry took a road trip after a certain event. There was always this pending doom for Larry based on him being made of snow, so they set off on an adventure that your family is sure to enjoy this holiday season. There is plenty of action to keep you interested along with comedy that's nicely placed throughout.

Con: There's one part of this movie though that had me like, did they really have to put that crap in this film? Parents and Guardians may want to beware of the scene when Tuffy brings Larry to life, because Tuffy faints, and after he opened his eyes Larry kisses him on the lips to "help" him. Larry could've tapped his cheek or something to wake him up, followed by a little hug or an innocent peck on the cheek to rejoice (at the most), but instead... you have a character molded to look like an adult character planting a kiss on a character in a diaper. Warner Bros should consider redoing that small section for a 2023 rerelease, because... WTF? It's like a 10-second section from Chapter 3.

So if you grab a copy of this film, you may want to be careful and skip to Chapter 4, the part where Jerry was cleaning or have your kids close their eyes. This is the only time it occurred, but that doesn't mean it doesn't affect the experience, and it sucks... because it's a great movie outside of that.

Visuals: This movie has the standard made-for-TV visuals that you'd expect from a Tom and Jerry show outside of explosions.

Audio: Tom and Jerry: Snowman's Land is delivered in Dolby Digital 5.1 audio, which didn't really grab my attention regarding anything specific (i.e. special effects). You do get the singing throughout the film, which i'm not always big on singing in movies, but... there was a comedic twist here.

Price + Extras:  Pricewise, Tom and Jerry: Snowman's Land... comes in at $19.99 SRP, though you can get the hook up using the links in this review. It's not a bad price, and you have extras.

Extras on this DVD include:

  • Snowbrawl
  • Ho Ho Horror
  • The Plight Before Christmas

Story 5*

Visuals 5*

Audio 5

Price 5

Could have been a 5 out of 5 Cool Points, it was so close, but that con was something I couldn't shake off.

Cool Points 5
Con - 2
3 out of 5 Cool Points

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