Warstride Challenges + Win an Intel Processor!

Race, aim, fire!

In Warstride Challenges, blast hordes of demons at lightning speed in bloody gunfights, and race against the clock to overcome everything that comes your way! Challenge yourself to get the highest score in increasingly intense trialsCreate and share your own runs, enjoying hundreds of levels created by the communitySeveral dozen levels are already available from the beginning of Early Access, with many more surprises planned ahead such as new powers, weapons, and trials! 

We appreciate Focus Entertainment team for hooking us up with a copy of this game to deliver First 30 action. I'm not exactly a seasoned FPS speedrunner and you don't have to be either. If I'm able to beat Patrick, you can too. I'm not dissing myself, but this is the first time I've played an FPS game with a keyboard and mouse in a long time and I was able to top the list.

This is for the tech-loving speedrunners out there interesting in getting your hands on an Intel Processor. The rules are below.

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