Infini T Force: Farewell Friend + Tatsunoko: Gatchaman

 I'm still waiting for a true box office film of Gatchaman (aka G-Force), but I will take a good animated film in the meantime. Grab some popcorn, snacks, an ice-cold drink and... enjoy!

I still want a Tatsunoko vs Capcom remake or a TvC 2, but until the developers consider it... we can only dream. The screwed-up part is, if fans got together and did a fan project for this fantastic forgotten fighter... they'd be ready to shut it down. Why not reach out to the people fans who would be interested in such a game? Capcom aside, I'd love to get my hands on a AAA multiplayer Gatchaman game too.
Platinum Games would be the ideal developer for that type of game, and Square-Enix a close second.