Apple plucks outdated apps?!

A new policy at Apple will now require app developers to update within a certain time or risk being deleted from the App Store. I find that this is a good thing and a bad thing. A good app that has no issues doesn't need an update often, but a bad app with no updates deserves deletion.

Overall, this may be a short-lived policy or Apple may turn off developers and risk having a smaller selection. If developers are able to maintain all their apps or most of them, this could help customers with apps that maintain their polish. Unfortunately, this is not true for everyone. Indie developers sometimes have to fight through trial and tribulation to reach the release date, and now they have to risk their hard work being deleted. This is a bad thing.

Protopop owner, Robert Kabwe, feels that it's an unfair barrier for indie developers. He said that there are no specifications on what updates need to be made in order to avoid deletion. The risk is now raised on the App Store, and this is why we feel this new policy may be short-lived. It's only fair for Apple to share what updates are necessary in order for apps to be compliant prior to deletion. 

The apps have to function as intended, follow current review guidelines, and not be outdated. The first one is practical, but... if the guidelines change a month after an app is released, that would suck royally. I can't say that it would happen like that, and I would assume Apple would let it be known beforehand, but who knows. Also, when it comes to apps being outdated... I think two years is fair, but it's still going to pluck potentially awesome apps.

I don't want to take over this article, but for the Developers: If your app is bringing in the revenue that would allow you to put something aside for updates, consider it a worthwhile investment to keep the money flowing. If you don't wish to do that, just make peace with your apps being removed from the App Store if you can't maintain them. This isn't to be cold, it's more so something to prepare for... if you don't wish to do that. If you read the details, it's not all bad because you can bring your apps back as long as the updates are approved. Get clarity from Apple... ASAP. - Blu