Spring + Summer Time Fun... Suggestions!

Spring & Summer are my favorite seasons, but no hate on the other two seasons.

Outside of Spring Break trips and Summer Vacays... gaming is still in full effect, but how will things play out for you and yours? I know gas is through the roof right now, but it doesn't put a pause on all the fun. So if you aren't getting away, consider some local fun.

What's going on locally in your area or even in a close neighboring city that gives you access to some discounted fun? Not sure? Groupon is just a click away. As you see at the link, you can find food, fun, etc.

If you're not a fan of Groupon, you also have Trip Advisor... which serves up more than just hotels, vacation rentals, and rental cars. You also have access to restaurants + things to do. You can literally use these sites for an awesome staycation where you are.

You could even walk around Walmart and find some free entertainment. Just kidding, but not completely, you just never know when the crazy will emerge.

You don't even have to go out every other week during these seasons, because an empty bank account is less fun. Consider free fun, parks, outdoor activities, and learning how to cook or make new recipes for meals, desserts, and even beverages. A home-cooked meal doesn't have to suck or leave you desiring takeout. There are literally chef's teaching courses on Udemy... that can help expand your mind and your abilities when it comes to the kitchen. Grab some food and get it in!

You could take those cooking skills, invite some of your favorite people over and enjoy yourselves. This could even be a group session to learn how to cook (even the kids can join in), and it can ultimately end up in reoccurring potluck parties and even block parties depending on how close you live. Get creative, you could even grab a Slip N Slide (like the huge 50-foot ones) and relive childhood. BYOF (Bring Your Own Floats)!

You can go average, larger, or massive with your slide and dial up the fun. If you think I'd be on the sideline with one of these within reach, you'd be sadly mistaken! Enjoy life while you have the time!

As the sun goes down, the fun doesn't have to stop, let the streaming flow to your heart's content. You have Prime VideoNetflix, Hulu, and even free shows & movies are available on Pluto TV + IMDB TV. So you can save money and still enjoy yourself, just be intentional about what you're doing... narrow down the best shows and movies to enjoy by yourself, +1, or with a group.

Fun it up, and that definitely includes gaming on a console or PC. I'd probably recommend the Xbox Gamepass first and foremost if you just want to play a variety of games. Granted you will not own them once your pass expires, but the monthly fee is low enough to keep you playing the latest games. For console, I'd have to recommend the Nintendo Switch, especially with Nintendo Switch Sports... so you can get everyone in on the fun! Parents, avoid the Nintendo Switch "Lite" version if you're aiming for multiplayer fun on the same system.

One of the games I'm currently playing on Xbox Game Pass (in the spirit of Spring & Summer) is... Windjammers 2! If you're not familiar with the game, check out the included gameplay below.