Welcome Back To The World Of Assassination In... HITMAN 3!

It's safe to say that HITMAN 3 is the first AAA title of 2021. 

We're here... at the dramatic conclusion to the World of Assassinations trilogy. Players/Agents will dive back in on a globetrotting, heart-pounding adventure that is sure to send me back to the drawing board again and again... to figure out how best to approach my missions. This time around Agent 47 will be dealing with the most important contracts of his entire career... according to the team at IOI.

Needless to say that I look forward to jumping back in with Diana Burnwood in my ear while joining forces with 47's long-lost friend Lucas Grey. I haven't even played yet, and I'm already suspicious of the guy... because you just never know what the twist maybe. 

Anyway, the ultimate mission is to eliminate the partners of Providence while adapting to situations as the hunt turns up. Apparently, something is going to happen that will change everything. If you want to find out, grab the game on PS5, PS4, XBSX, XB1, or PC!

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