Free Money Friday + Games + Software!

I must say, I've missed writing articles. The pandemic has taken its toll, all hell broke loose in the Capitol and it's just like, wtf dude? One thing that never changed was the flow of video games. I'm still wondering how it's all being done at the pace that's being maintained, but the industry has found a way to do it.

Hitman III is out now, and The Medium drops in a few days. There could have been more big games in January, but these games get a chance to shine. We also have some pretty good bundles available now.

This isn't the free money I was talking about in the header, but you can get Painter from this bundle and use it in the Corel Painter art contest for a chance to get in on $30,000 in cash and prizes! (Jan 19 - Feb 19, 2021) Paint, draw, win!

If you planned to do some online shopping this weekend, get a $50 Amazon gift card and you will get $15 in free credit with coupon code GIFTCARD2021!

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