CES 2021: Eyeing... Razer's Project Hazel!

If Razer's Project Hazel is effective, sign me up... if the price is right. I can almost assure you that if Razer comes out with their own (smart) face mask, pre-orders would be through the roof... and it would likely be their biggest selling product this year or... ever.

The thing that makes me feel like it will actually reach the market... is that Razer didn't just jump into masks with this concept. They responded to Covid-19 by manufacturing masks themselves. Those masks had nothing to do with tech, which is obviously what Razer is known for... so this could happen.

The effectiveness would play a factor as well as the price, but I think that it has the potential of being a huge seller regardless. Not only is it meant to keep your germs in while keeping someone else's germs out with its surgical N95 respirator... but it also has other interesting features.

These features include:

Active ventilation so you don't have to worry about that feeling of suffocation (in theory).

An auto-sterilization function... that uses UV light to kill bacteria and viruses while the mask charges.

Voiceamp Technology... that boosts your voice so it's not muffled.

I'm sure this is definitely going to add to that price tag, but it also has Razer's Chroma RGB lighting feature. What's a Razer product without RGB lighting, right?

This was a product presented at CES 2021... which was virtual this year (thanks Covid-19), but... my fingers are crossed in hopes that this product doesn't die in Razer Labs. Project Brooklyn, I'd be okay without... and I guess that's true of Project Hazel too... but it's a practical product that I'd actually buy.