SDGT Entertainment's 2018 Wishmas List

Its that time of year... and we've received so many different types of suggested wishlists from companies for the holidays. That was nice, we appreciate it... but, hmmm (how can I put this) they weren't exactly things we'd have on our wishlists for the most part.

Humble Monthly Bundle: This is a monthly bundle that you can subscribe to... and literally receive a slew of games every month (as seen in the image above). They range from AAA to Indie and vary by genre. This is on our 2018 Wishmas List because it gets you the hookup on games throughout a year... especially on a budget. Not every gamer has the money to get the latest and greatest game every time it releases... so this is the perfect gift that keeps on giving. Right now you can literally get and/or gift a year of Humble Monthly for $99. Nothing to mail or ship, you get the notifications in your email that your games are available and... you download them whenever you want. They don't expire, they're yours through PC/Steam or DRM-Free.


A portable battery charger: This may seem totally lame but... so is your cell phone going dead when you need it the most, or your Nintendo Switch, tablet, laptop and... you get the idea. It doesn't even have to be one particular charger, just aim high when it comes to the mAh and even consider one that also has a solar feature.

You don't need the most expensive one, but if it works with your budget... consider a portable battery charger a must have. If its just for a cell phone or something similar that doesn't require a lot of oomph... some options are super cheap. Charging laptops may cost a tad more... but its all about what's important for you to power up.


1More Quad Driver Headphones: While I will say that the Over-Ear Triple Driver and Spearhead VR headphones are awesome... the one I recommend for this list, is the quad driver in-ear headphones. The ear tips are comfy and vary in size for a variety of earholes... they're quality headphones that deliver great sound, and they're easy on the eyes. These are the first THX-certified headphones, meaning... what you hear in the studio... is what you hear on the phones. I have thoroughly enjoyed these headphones with music, movies, games, and... ASMR.


Rich by Rick Ross's Shaving Cream & Aftershave Balm: Now... before anyone says anything, I have a little beard. I don't really grow facial hair in mass like some guys, but I'm proud of my little beard. (I'm being laughed at right now.) Regardless of its size, its full for its size and I keep it neat... but one thing I don't want in addition to my... beard, are bumps. Nothing like having irritated skin. I went through a few brands... and I won't say names, some were cool too... but I really like the RbRR ones. 

The shaving cream feels great and my razor glides. I don't slather my face with it because I don't want to waste it, but I found that I haven't needed a lot. I was concerned about the aftershave balm... because I really haven't used others based on past experience (not the burn, but the irritation)... but this checks out and checks out well. I have not used the beard oil (Rick Ross uses it and you see how awesome his beard is)... so I can't give you any insight on that, but these two get two thumbs up. So my beard may be small... but it's not surrounded by bumpy irritated skin.


Steam Link: We all agreed that this should be on Wishmas 2018 List because... the app is free or get the device that's super inexpensive and delivers games to your TV, and (Beta on) Android phone or tablet via your PC for a console-like experience. This does NOT mean you should skip out on a console if you have the means and actually want the exclusive games they have to offer, that's totally not what I'm saying. What I am saying is that... here is an option to play some of the same games using a free app and device that's a fraction of the cost + the games are usually a lot lower in price.

You can use a Steam controller, Keyboard & Mouse, Xbox controller, Playstation controller, and even a Nintendo Switch Pro controller. No online fees required to game (internet is needed to get your games, but that's the duh of the day), just use your internet connection and as long as your PC specs are decent... you can save yourself some serious coin and still play both new & used multiplatform and even PC only games on Steam Link. So with that said... Game on!


Curved Monitors: When it comes to the PC... I won't say that the actual PC made our first annual Wishmas List (sorry), but... monitors have. Curved monitors to be more specific. Some of these monitors are better than others... and I know that some of you would rather just get multiple monitors and call it a day. I was on the same path, and... I have multiple monitors but... my preference is changing. Multiple monitors are great, but with that comes more energy consumption... and the borders that divide those monitors when gaming. If I can do everything on one vs 2 or 3... why not?

It would help me save some space on the desk too. This isn't exactly the cheapest monitor option, but among the curved options available... see if one works for you.


 Brought to you by the... Baby Fu Clothing Co!