Sonic The Hedgehog Bundle

Grab this bundle now and get your spin on with Mr. Blue Blur himself... Sonic The Hedgehog!

SEGA needs to take a long hard look at why Sonic Adventure got praise + Sonic Generations + Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed Collection. They can do so much more with Sonic the Hedgehog, and the fans continue to buy (for now) in hopes that the game is a hit.

They can also do their homework with Super Mario Odyssey. The game made a splash in a big way, and it wasn't just because they made the game flashy... they took their time to make it stellar. I could care less about a custom character being in the Sonic world... that's not new and exciting, I want to take Sonic to the bleeding edge of mind-blowing that soars off the "Bad Ass" meter.

Sonic can run on water, and I'm sure there are other things that can be done with his abilities. Tails too, and I can't forget about Knuckles and the other cast of characters. There is so much potential, and I hope to see it one of these days... perhaps in Sonic Adventure 3. There are more than enough talented people in the world able to get the job done right. Think about it. - Blu


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