Calling all Photographers + Graphic Designers

This bundle is good... very good, I've sent it to photographers, graphic designers, and fellow artists I know. It starts at $1 (USD), with some great options, but... the top in this range is PhotoMirage:

PhotoMirage is $69.99 alone.

In the $15 (USD) range... the one the jaw dropper is easily PaintShop Pro 2019. I have been using Corel Paintshop Pro software for years:

Corel PaintShop Pro 2019 is $79.99 alone.

One may say that crappy software can also be in these price ranges... but, for me (which is why this post exists) this specific program is the #1 reason to get this Pro Photography Bundle. I know some of you may see the software in the $25 range (which includes everything in the lower tiers) and think i'm crazy for saying that... but I haven't used those. I know that Imerge Pro works with green screen, so if its something that you find an interest in... get it while the getting is good for $25 (instead of $149.99). You can give more... which supports SDGT, but it also benefits the dev teams, and charity.

Imerge Pro is $149.99 alone.

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