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Onlive goes Offline... how will Nvidia preserve games? + Dear Nvidia + Think before you buy

Onlive goes offline

Now it's time to say goodbye... to all our Onlive friiieeenndds! It's sad to know that those jobs will probably go poof, but what about the games? If you have invested in the service and have purchased game... find out how you will be able to take your library with you (to Steam). We've contacted the company before... because 1st party games would've actually helped them out (if they were good), but not even one popped up.

This is something for stream surfing gamers to keep in mind... "How long will those games purchased at full retail... be accessible by you?" Onlive supporters can kiss (not one, but) ALL of their games... goodbye, no matter if they paid full price for them or not (gotta love that crap, right?).

That's like an ahhh... long term game rental. Where is the safety net if the company pulls the plug? (Sony basically bought them out.) Sony should take Onlive Microconsoles, and the apps (if possible) and update them to run PSNow.

Nvidia's shield console is similar (looking at it from the outside), you aren't downloading and backing these games up, so... I will say think before you buy. We will be making a demand to Nvidia, because there needs to be a safety net for the games sold at full retail price.

That's one thing traditional gaming has over streaming... and games that require the internet to play (period), you can go in and just get your game on with or without the internet. Love it!

I don't mind variety... but I don't like to waste money either, something has to be worth my time to get my dime most of the time. I'm a bit more optimistic with Nvidia, but we shall see.
Why I would consider buying this:  A reason i'd probably be interested in purchasing something like this, is... because I like to have a set top box so that i'm not running a Nintendo, Xbox or PlayStation constantly to stream entertainment (so the fact that it's a set top device is actually the thing that got my attention)... and this is small enough to fit in a laptop bag along with my 3DS. The gaming is a plus in this case... so from that perspective its something I could get with the performance i'd prefer over slower STBs (it also has free games if I just want to play something... without purchasing).

Nvidia... create 1st party games and make sure that you do not lose momentum like... Onlive! It's a competitor to other gaming consoles that have exclusives and first party games, so make it essential to the Shield. If its a console... remember to treat it like one, and go hard for your system to make it worthy of a huge audience.

Think before you buy

Speaking of thinking before you buy... Evolve is more of a devolve in terms of a full retail AAA title. We put out the warning about this game when it was first revealed... it just wasn't a full game, it was as clear as day.

We cannot tell you what to buy and what not to buy (you do what you want) but... complaints about a game are pointless if you lead off with "I should've ****ing listened!".

The company needs to be ashamed of selling "game modes" as a full retail game. The modes are an experience I could see in an arcade, but if its not something acknowledging that the experience is limited and being priced as such... its nothing more than an unfair cash grab. They could fix that by actually giving more as free downloads, but unless they do something... decent like that, i'd be skeptical. Less isn't always more... seriously (like seriously... seriously).

Developers: If you consider doing stuff like this... you deserve to land flat on your face. If you don't know how to make a full... game, bring in some fresh blood to bring the game to life with a depth-filled story worth playing (while giving them a chance to shine). Say no to the rodeo dung!