The Rose and Locket demo... makes me look forward to the full course game!

I've had experiences with games that feature an on-screen aim, and I wasn't particularly fond of them because they felt awkward (and wonky gets annoying after awhile). I mention this to express my satisfaction in giving the Rose and Locket Demo a chance, as it is one of those titles that gets it right.

It serves as a reminder from the ole SDGT playbook to never make assumptions. If it weren't for the captivating art style, it might have taken me longer to try out this game (another reason why demos can help a game). The art style has a Southwestern Aztec vibe with a hint of Day of the Dead. Additionally, the slanted images and graphics remind me of what we'll do here at SDGT (I likes).

This game also incorporates comic style elements, creating a feeling of playing through a graphic novel, reminiscent of Comix Zone to some extent. However, it's important to note that observing gameplay and actually playing the game are two different experiences. I encourage you to check it out for yourself and see if the gameplay entices you to add it to your wish list. Let the games begin!

 + Sophima 

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