The Weird Dream: 2D Metroidvania Action starring a... Bunny!

The Weird Dream, seems to offer an intriguing blend of classic Metroidvania elements with its own unique twists. Featuring a chainsaw-wielding bunny protagonist adding a bizarre yet captivating charm to the game, which reminds me of F.I.S.T.: Forged In Shadow Torch. As the narrative unfurls through fragmented storytelling and defeating over 40 bosses, players can expect a deep sense of achievement. With flexibility in character building and a focus on skillful play, the game encourages players to master the controls and develop their own approach to victory — a nod to the finely-tuned mechanics revered in games like Hollow Knight and Dead Cells.

The gameplay feels a little stiff at first, but you ultimately shrug it off because you don't get that feeling when it comes to combat. Adding updates could potentially refine the experience even further, so we hope the motivation the team got from games like Dead Cells brings updates over time to enhance the game post-release.

Don't sleep on the sound effects in this game. Good stuff. -  Blu 

Engaging boss fights, expansive exploration, and a deep world built with hand-drawn comics are core features that provide a bit of substance for the gameplay experience — a combination that can be appealing to both fans of the genre, and anime fans.

The Weird Dream is has a lot of promise, and it's available for 15% off the $13.99 price tag. So grab it for a limited time for $11.89 and game on!

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