Universal Hardware Industrial Kick Plate... Mini Review!


The  Universal Hardware kick plate  may be industrial, but don't shy away from it in the home setting. If you have children that tend to be a bit rowdy and run in/out of the house a ton, then you probably have a door that looks like it has some form of gradient thanks to the dirt accumulated at the bottom of the door. The same applies to motorized wheelchairs and scooters that can do some serious damage to a door or nearby wall. 

The kick plate  multiple uses  beyond lining the bottom of an industrial door to keep things cleaner and intact. Think of the area where your garbage can and recycling bin are. If that is the designated area, spare the paint and place product like this in that area to prevent the sides of the bins from scratching the wall or food from being plastered on it. I've seen similar in industrial settings, even much larger plates... but this is a tamed size.

I can understand someone not wanting the clinical look in some spaces, but in others where it just makes sense... I'd use it. I placed one on the security door as seen in the image. I'm constantly kicking this door open (by mistake) or bumping it with something that needs to be carried out. So rather than chipping the door, this product and it's full lifetime warranty will do the trick. All I have to do is wipe this off if something spills.

I would also use this o
n the wall in back of appliances to prevent them from scratching the wall, and even wood planks if I want to define a specific area to walk on.

The  installation  is simple if you're able to get down and install it. I recommend starting with the top two screws after hammering in starting points so that it doesn't take a lot effort to get them in. This also allows you to properly level the kick plate. From there, make holes with the nail and then finish screwing in the rest. My biggest challenge was taking off the plastic wrap, and that was easy.

You can get the Universal Hardware Industrial 8" x 34" kickplate for $24.98, which is a good  price  (I've seen them for $44 on Uline and even $90 on Houzz at this size). You're saving a nice amount of coin with one, and it's not flimsy, while other competitors like Rockwood are just a few bucks more at $28.50 on the low end... I don't see anywhere that the competitor offers a full lifetime warranty the way the reviewed option does.

I give this kick plate a 5 out of 5. There's nothing to it but to install it and benefit by protecting what the kickplate shields.

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