Zool Redimensioned... A Classic Is Back As A Door Into The Industry?

If I didn't play Zool 2 on the Atari Jaguar so many years ago (and yes I owned one of those)... I would've passed this one by, but luckily I didn't. Not only is Zool Redimensioned a remake (with the retro version tucked in)... it comes by way of a commendable initiative.

Zool Redimensioned, is a 2D platformer starring a ninja alien from the Nth Dimension (who totally gives me Sonic The Hedgehog vibes) who throws these laser-like shurikens and uses katanas to take on 28 redesigned stages and bosses in the Nth Dimension.

One thing I appreciate (which a number of colleges with so-called game development programs should be doing) is the door being opened into the industry for students behind this game. The industry isn't as open as some may think, and I can understand to a degree when it comes to experience... because you don't want a game release to be a waste of time based on rookie mistakes. On the other hand, how are students expected to get any seasoning when the door is closed to those who lack experience with games that have been officially released?

So that's why I salute those like... Sumo Digital Academy, because routes like this are a sure pathway to get experience under your belt. I don't know if the students get a cut of the sales, but... with that title under their belt, it's a pass that few can say they actually have. We might be looking at future legends of the industry.

Zool Redimensioned has been rebuilt from scratch by the Sumo Digital Academy, a talent development programme focused on creating new pathways into the games industry. With guidance from the developers of the 1992 original at Gremlin Graphics, we’ve retained the spirit that makes Zool a cult classic, while adding mechanics we’ve loved from the past 29 years of fantastic platforming games. The result is Zool Redimensioned, a game that transcends time and space - don’t miss out on this classic retro adventure! 

                                                                                                         - Sumo Digital Academy

This isn't the only route, but... it's certainly an option that doesn't require a 4-year college. I don't know if SDA does placement or anything of that sort, so if they're on your radar... ask questions. The other options as mentioned before... include taking courses online (which are affordably priced) or getting dev course bundles (that have books, software, and/or courses). Click the links and check them out.

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