Project Switch: Customize Your Nintendo

There are a number of people with stickers on the back of their Nintendo Switch consoles... which I have no issue with (do your thing), but you can take it to a higher level to make it your own.

I do have something that I wouldn't recommend when tricking out your Nintendo Switch. Yes, I did say do your thing (it's your system), but don't put stickers on your Nintendo Switch. The sticky film can get into the crevices, the stickers fade, and... you can risk scratching your Switch trying to take them off. Think of the replay value when it comes to a cruddy Nintendo Switch with scratches on it.

Another thing I don't recommend is getting stickers (at all) or cases that have a specific game installment, show season, or movie installment on it. It dates the case... and what will that mean for resell if you want to sell the case with it? I wouldn't get a case with Super Mario Odyssey written on it, I'd get a case with the 2D Mario art (i.e. when he jumped into the walls in the game).

That said, when tricking out your Switch... you can also protect it at the same time with protective cases like these. They don't stick to the case like a sticker, and... the party doesn't stop here when you're able to show the thumbs, buttons, and even the cradle some love. I'm going to speak on the cradle more down below. All cases you see like the one above and the rest below have art from front to back.

This image shows the back part of this... magical case to give you an idea, but... there are just so many options for the standard Switch + the Switch OLED. All aren't created equal, so check out the various options, but the good thing is... you can easily swap out cases (compared to stickers). Not just swap them out to fill up a bin... get a refund and try another.

To continue the fun, I can't overlook the Switch Dock... cover, which... is also a cool thing to customize if you want to give it a cool look. This literally just... sits there... so even if these dock covers have anti-scratch options (unless you're tossing it around) it should remain in great condition. These aren't just great options to customize your system... if you have a child or children who want to have their system stand out apart from their siblings... there ya go.

Lastly, to keep with the shark theme... I'd even recommend a dust cover because it keeps dust from getting into the crevices and all that good stuff. You can wipe off a dust cover a whole heck of a lot easier than you can a Switch Dock's cradle. Not only do the dust covers prevent dust... they look awesome.

This is a pretty cool option for some, while others may want to create their own look or simply display their Switch while protecting it from dust, so... try a clear dust cover option (or go sticker crazy). Don't worry... all the necessary ports have access to run cables and corded controllers.

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