The Monster Catchers... Reviewed!

This one is for the bookworms... and the not so bookworms in search of an adventurous read.

I know that there haven't been a ton of books reviewed on SDGT... and that's because they don't all have the right oomph to make sense here. This book on the other hand... fits right in, and if reading must be done... doesn't hurt to be a good read.

The Monster Catchers is a fast paced read about a father & son duo. Bailey and his dad, Dougie, are monster catchers for hire... but on the surface they're nothing more than the owners of a weird souvenir shop for tourists.

Yes folks, Buckleby & Son's Very Strange Souvenirs is the place where you can obtain things like fake whaleblubber and other odd knick knacks, but... it's also the place where you can find solutions to your pesky monster problems.

Bailey Buckleby is a mature 7th grader and hunter with expert Frisbee skills... and the guts to back them up. The 12 year old bumps heads with his dad over a book titled "In the shadow of Monsters" written by another monster hunter... he admires. His dad... not so much.

Dougie Buckleby is Bailey's dad, a seasoned heavyset hunter... focused on being a lucrative monster hunter and taking care of his son. He tries to protect Bailey from the clear and present dangers while in the field, but also from the pain he deals with surrounding the loss of his wife (Katrina who has been gone for about six and a half years). This adds another layer of depth to their relationship. Though he may be stern, Bailey knows he means well and wants the best for him.

Going back to the author of "In the shadow of Monsters"... Dougie doesn't care for him at all, and it stems from their opposing views and what also appears to be a bit of jealousy over the fact that Bailey relies on that book... sometimes a little more than his dad.

Their story takes place in a fictional location known as Whale Fat Beach, California. You might be thinking "What type of name is that for a city?"... but the name came from a giant whale drifting ashore and exploding. Inside the whale there were fifty people still alive, they made a meal out of the whale fat (which became a staple food in the area). The citizens are also known as whalefatians... just in case you were wondering.

This book doesn't give you a chance to be bored. Right off the bat... you're reeled right into the story as you get a taste of how bad ass the youngest protagonist is. I wasn't reading the book wondering when something would go down... I was wondering what was going to happen next.

One thing I would've loved to have seen (as an artist) is more illustrations. A lack of art doesn't take away from the story... but it would've been a plus for me, the cover art definitely catches my eye and made me excited for more. Even if the images for the start of each chapter were different... that would've been enough, so it sucked to see the same image recycled chapter to chapter.

I like the way this story keeps a level of normalcy by maintaining real world concerns in the mix. Here you have a world with Goblins, Fairies, Ghouls (oh my)... and Baily still has to concern himself with school work. I get that the author wants it to seem like just a normal life for Baily and his dad but... I wouldn't give a crap about school if these things were knowingly out there.

One challenge I see that the father and son duo are faced with is their outlook. This goes back to the monster hunter and writer of Bailey's favorite book as well as an antagonist by the name of Axel Pazuzu. Bailey is part of the family biz so he has to march to the decisions of his father.

Hunting and selling monsters is the base of this business, so you will read how things unfold with the question of "Is it right?". The tug of war with this question is a challenge because Bailey's stubborn dad is trying to run a business that wouldn't exist if he didn't catch monsters. I won't spoil the book, but it's a solid cohesive read with a nice twist that leaves the door open to a future installment.

It's not one that leaves you feeling like this story is incomplete... but it does excite me that this story feels like its just the beginning (it had better be, because there is plenty of room to continue with a future installment). I would love to see a movie one day.

You get 277 pages of monster catching action for $16.99... which had me engaged from beginning to end (especially after reading Chapter 5). I was gearing up for adventure on a local level, but Chapter 5 really expanded the scope for me. The price is cool... even if $14.99 feels a bit more solid to me.

Overall, this is a nice read for those who seek something outside of the ordinary... to get their attention. The Monster Catchers is a fun read, and the author doesn't drag out the story (the way a lot of soap opera's do... not that I watch those). I was caught up in the action and suspense in no time... and George Brewington pulls no punches.

Fun fact: George Brewington writes four days out of the week, and... works as a respiratory therapist at a hospital the other three days of the week. He also has a wife and baby. I mention this because you never know what you can do with the time you have... if you really apply yourself. 

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Engaging 5

Artwork 3

Cohesiveness 5

Price 4

4.25 out of 5 Cool Points

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